Moonlight becomes you…

The late afternoon moon.

This old Johnny Mathis song wound through my brain last night as we watched the moon progress from the afternoon into dark. Yes, I know. That song sure dates me! 

Here’s the link on YouTube to this song that for old timers, like me, will bring back memories.  Listen here:

The moon at 9:00 pm.

Moonlight seems to appeal to everyone, young or old, as we marvel at the wonder of space, our world, the moon and the sun.  As I sit here on the veranda, the sun in my eyes, my laptop monitor hard to see on yet another hot sunny morning, I prepare to post the photos we took last night.

Back in Minnesota, on a full moon night whether on a warm summer’s eve or in the brisk cold of winter, we always stepped outside on those nights to languish in the bright beam of light cast upon the lake, even when frozen, reflecting a magical feeling of awe and surprise.

The moon from our veranda.

Here in another land, we find that we all share in the romantic commonality of reveling in the moon’s beacon of light reflecting so graciously upon the sea. Last night was no exception, as we noticed our few neighbors also on their verandas necks stretched to the heavens.

Thank you, moon.  Thank you, sun.  Thank you, God, for making our world and it heavens only but a glimpse of what is yet to come.

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  1. Anonymous


    I am so relaxed looking at the pictures, that I don't know if I want to do anything but sit and watch the water. I am having such a good time with both of you and enjoying this trip immensely. When you first got there I thought what would they do with their time all day, well you showed me.

    Was the song "Moon River"??? Arnie worked for Columbia records when they took on Johnny Mathis, we went to a lot of his shows when he was in Boston.

    He was such a young kid, we watched him grow up. Thanks for the memories, I haven't thought about all the good times we had when he worked for CBS.

    My love to you and Tom, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
    Love you

  2. Jessica

    Seeing your precious comment inspired me to add the link to the Johnny Mathis song, Moonlight Becomes You, right here in the post near the moon photos. Thank you, dear Phyllis, for sharing your thoughts with us. It means literally "the world" to know that you and so many others are enjoying our posts.

    Much love,
    Jess & Tom

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