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This morning when the rain stopped for a few minutes, we walked in the mushy grass to the greenhouse to collect these vegetables we’ll use for dinner. We picked more raspberries for my Greek yogurt dessert.

Fascinating Fact of the Day about Tiverton: 
From this site:

Tiverton owes its early growth and prosperity to the wool trade, which caused the town to grow rapidly in the 16th and 17th centuries. Many of the wealthy wool merchants were philanthropists, building up the town’s heritage. John Greenway added an impressive chapel to St Peter’s parish church in 1517 and a small chapel and almshouses in Gold Street, which still stand. Peter Blundell, who died in 1601, endowed funds and land to found Blundell’s School to educate local children. It was founded in 1604 and relocated to its present position on the outskirts of the town in 1882. However, the impressive original building still stands on its grounds in the town center. Around1600, there were two major fires in the town. The first, in 1596, was believed to
have been started in a frying pan and destroyed most of the town. The second was in 1612 and was known as the ‘dog fight fire’ because a dog fight had distracted people who were supposed to be looking after a furnace. Again the damage was extensive
It’s hard to believe we’ll be aboard the cruise ship sailing to the US in only 19 days. With one more holiday home awaiting us in Monmouthshire, Wales, for which we’ll depart Witheridge in a paltry six days, time is flying by quickly.
The sheep approached us when we offered some pellets, eating out of my hand.
We’re excited our friends Linda and Ken are coming to Monmouthshire to see us for four days from October 14th to 18th. No doubt, we’ll all have a fantastic time together as always.
Sheep, doing their thing.
Then on the 19th, we’re meeting up with friends/readers Liz and Dave in the town of Shirenewton for dinner. Liz had come to visit us in South Kensington in 2014, taking the train from Bristol to meet us.  
While I was feeding them, one giant sheep walked between my legs, and I toppled to the wet grass.  Luckily, I wasn’t hurt and, I’m grateful I didn’t fall on top of the piles of sheep dung scattered throughout the paddock.
Liz had been reading our posts since the onset, and we were honored and thrilled to meet her. We had a fantastic day and evening with her. Since that time, we’ve stayed in touch by email. And now, we have the opportunity to see her once again and finally meet her husband, Dave. Here again, I’m sure we’ll have a lovely time.

I must be losing my marbles. I thought yesterday was Saturday all day. When I awoke this morning and Tom reminded me today is Saturday, I thought I really must be losing it. I suppose it’s all part of the retired lifestyle and the immense amount of enjoyment we’re finding here at the farm, which may have prevented me from paying much attention to the day of the week.

Cloudy day view of another farm at a distance.
The date is always easy to remember when I post it here each day, but I don’t include the day of the week. How easy it is to lose track, especially in this lifestyle we lead, with few requirements to pay much attention to the days of the week except for departure dates.

Overall, we keep track of dates to enable us to prepare for the next move, whether it requires a flight, a cruise, or as in the upcoming case, a few hours drive through the countryside to Wales. 
The orchard is filled with apples yet to be picked.
The dream of living in the English countryside is becoming fulfilled from the last farm in St. Teath, Bodmin and now the farm in Tiverton, Witheridge, and soon the house in Shirenewton, Chepstow, South Wales.

We haven’t forgotten the fantastic seafront location in Falmouth with exceptional views and walking distance to the charming village. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the end of our stay in Falmouth (from August 23 to September 6) that I could walk again, and thus, we missed a few opportunities while there.

More apples ready for picking.
Now, as my legs gain strength over the past month, we’ve become able to get out more and more. The constant rain has been a deterrent, but we’ve loved being on this exceptional farm and all of the UK properties we’ll have visited over two months.

As mentioned, we’re staying in this weekend with the non-stop rain unless by a fluke that the sun peeks out for a few hours. That will motivate us to jump in the car and see what we can find.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Photo from one year ago today, October 5, 2018:
We were excited to see this massive “obstinacy” of cape buffalos. For more photos, please click here.

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