Load shedding is impacting the inverter…The heat and humidity are unreal…Trying to stay cool..

Big Daddy is resting in the garden.

Incredibly, the animals manage to stay cool in this heat. It’s not that the temperature is high. It’s only 82F, 28C. It’s all about the humidity, which right now is at 73%, with the dew point at 72, which is outrageous. It’s sweating weather on an overcast day, drizzling now and then.

Last night, during a 4½ hour load-shedding period, the inverter ran out of power. And then, we had no fan for the remaining three hours until the power was restored and the fan and the aircon could run. I heard the fan go off in my sleep and didn’t fall back to sleep for another hour, not awakening until 9:30 am, another long sleep, which was needed.

Nina and Norman share breakfast.

Tom really hadn’t slept much in the past few weeks. Last night, when we finally started watching the first episode of Season 5 of Yellowstone, he kept dozing off. Eventually, I turned it off and watched a few shows on Philo, the streaming service I downloaded to watch Yellowstone.

There was a free one-week trial on Philo, and we figured we could watch all the episodes and then cancel it, incurring no costs to watch this fabulous show. If not canceled on time, there’s a monthly fee of US $25, ZAR 442. Since we already pay for Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix, we didn’t want to start any additional monthly fees.

Louise bought us this portable rechargeable fan. It helps when I am sitting outdoors. Thanks, Louise!

When we go to bed, we’ll watch the first half of the episode that Tom missed again, so he’ll be caught up. I’m glad he got some sleep, and he feels better today. Those long flights and layovers, which consisted of no sleep for four days out of 16, left us both needing to catch up on sleep. I don’t care what “they,” say that you can’t make up for lost sleep. We’ve found the case to be otherwise.

We both feel great today, fully rested, even amid the lost sleep in the heat during nighttime load shedding. I’ve learned a lesson…if I need to cool down during the day for a bit, don’t use the fan during load shedding. Instead, save its accumulated power to use at night during power outages. If we have power during the day, we can use the fan. I may go into the bedroom to cool off for 10 minutes every hour or so during these hot spells.

Big Daddies and Lollie and her three piglets.

We avoid using the aircon during the day to save on electricity, although we don’t pay the electric bill. Some days, Tom takes a nap for 20 minutes and uses the fan, not the aircon. During the hot summer months, by our choice, we give Louise an extra ZAR 1000, US $56.58. We’ve had to insist she accepts this money from us since we know how high electricity is here, even with the daily outages for as much as 11½ hours a day.

Wherever we may live in the world, we are mindful of the power we use. We hear that many renters leave their holiday home, or even hotel room for the day, with the aircon running the entire time they are gone. Think of how much energy would be saved if everyone only used the aircon when they were at the property.

I realize our readers may tire of hearing about the heat, humidity, and load-shedding. But, let’s face it, it’s a big part of our daily lives. Today, I was trying to roast two little cornish hen-sized chickens for dinner. It’s too hot to cook them in the oven. But load-shedding starts at 5:00 pm, 1700 hours. Last night, we cooked two others on the braai, but we weren’t thrilled with the outcome.

This Big Daddy jumped the fence looking for pellets.

Since it’s so hot today, I decided to cook the two birds ahead of time, cool them, and make chicken salad with sliced hard-boiled eggs, onions, celery, seasonings, and homemade dressing. Timing the cooking of the chicken, cooling it, and the hard-boiled eggs were tricky with power outages. But we figured it out, and as I write here, Tom is peeling the eggs, and the chicken is done, which we cooked again on the braai. I chilled the eggs in a colander in the sink topped with ice.

Since it’s already close to 1:30 pm, 1330 hrs, we’ll place the chicken in the freezer to cool before I put it all together. Once the chicken cools sufficiently, I’ll clean off the meat and skin, saving the bones and fat for the next visiting mongooses. This way, we’ll have cold chicken salad for dinner. It takes much planning to prepare meals in this heat with frequent power outages.

Zebras, stop by for a snack.

We’d hoped to go to Kruger today, but after I slept so late, it made no sense. Generally, it’s better to go early in the morning. Plus, I had to fold all the laundry here again, subject to washing during available periods with power, make the dinner, do the post, and work on recording expenditures and receipts from the past few weeks. It’s a busy day.

Norman, Nina, and the baby have been here no less than six times today. Lollie is napping with her three piglets in her usual spot near the veranda. Big Daddies, kudu Bossy, and other kudus and bushbucks have stopped by. The presence of the visitors is a blissful distraction that takes our minds off the inconveniences of living in South Africa right now.

Day 2, no headache or facial pain. Humm…

May your holiday plans be rewarding and fulfilling.

Be well. zzxxlaa

Photo from one year ago today, December 13, 2021:

Mom, with lovely curved tusks and her three piglets. It’s “piglet time” in the bush, which makes it fun to see all the families. For more, please click here.

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