Lions on the loose in Marloth Park…We’re missing the adventure!…Photos…

Two female lions were spotted in Marloth Park! (Not our photo).

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There’s no doubt about it…we’re missing the excitement over this past month when several lions were sighted in Marloth Park, walking about the streets in search of food. Surely, they’ve found plenty in the bountiful wildlife reserve.
It would have been quite an experience to be one of these drivers on the paved Olifant road when these two females, as shown above, sat leisurely on the side of the road, oblivious of the cars stopping to take photos.

There were several occasions in the 15 months we lived in the bush that lions found a way to get into Marloth Park via an opening in the fence, often dug up by warthogs. Unfortunately, we never had a chance to see them, although we went out looking for them, slowly driving from one dirt road to another.

During those periods, we could often hear their roaring at night. Many of our friends in the park are equally excited now, as they see and hear them. Of course, we could always hear Daisy and Fluffy, the two neutered lions who live in Lionspruit, the reserve within a reserve in Marloth Park.

Lionspruit was the location for many fantastic braais and parties we attended at Frikkee’s Dam with Louise, Danie, and many others.  We were aware of Daisy and Fluffy (male) presence in the area but hardly worried about it.

Now the workers, homeowners, and holidays renters are being warned to exercise the utmost caution when walking anywhere in the park or one’s garden. There is always an after-dark curfew in place which is difficult to enforce when there are no police in the park.  

Through the hard work of local volunteers, the park is “policed,” but they cannot arrest anyone. The three security companies in the park join in the “policing” but again cannot stop anyone.

Many may dismiss the fear of lions in the park as being overly cautious. But, while we were in the park, we did a story with photos of Jonas, a local worker, now 20 years later, a popular builder and friend to the park, who was attacked by a lion in Marloth Park receiving horrific injuries.  

Somehow, Jonas survived to share the story and go on to live a productive life. If you’d like to read the story of Jonas and see photos of his scars from the attack, please click here.

Here’s our photo of Jonas when he and Danie came to visit us so we could share his story along with photos:

Jonas has scars all over his body from the attack 20 years ago when he was a young man, riding his bike at night in the dark.

Jonas speaks little English but speaks Afrikaans and Danie translated to English for our benefit on that memorable day. He was so kind to have taken the time to meet with us and retell his shocking story of living to survive a lion attack. We posted the story on March 11, 2018.

We’re hoping no one will be foolhardy and ignore the curfew and stay away from the lions who aren’t hesitant to be present during daytime hours. When such warnings were out during our long 15 months to stay, it wasn’t unusual to see children riding bikes and walking alone on the roads. Who are these people who would be so careless?
We’ll continue to check out what will transpire until the lions are darted and returned to Kruger. But, at this point, all efforts have been futile. We miss the park, always will, and hope to return someday soon.
Have a safe and fulfilling weekend!
Photo from one year ago today, July 6, 2018:
Mom and Dad were very proud of their family. Ostriches mate for life. For more photos, please click here.

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