It’s June 6th for us today!…How unusual!…Unbelievable entertainment!…Totally unexpected…

As soon as our ship docked at the pier in the port of Suva, Fiji, the marching band began to play welcoming us.
Note:  For all of our non-Australian readers, please note that many English words are spelled differently in Australia. In respect to their use of the English language, any information we provide from other sites will contain the Australian spelling which we will not change to the Americanized version.
 Last night we crossed the International Dateline and it’s now June 6th. Plus, there was an additional two-hour time change occurring overnight. When we awoke this morning the time difference was 22 hours.
As a result, sleeping last night was a bit confusing. We went to bed around midnight when it was about to become 10:00 pm. As it turned out I didn’t get much sleep, although Tom did well for seven hours.
We just docked at the pier in Suva, Fiji in a highly industrial area. We’d considered taking a private tour but after checking online to mixed reviews regarding safety and possible scams with taxi drivers, we decided to go out on foot. 
We appreciate the welcome reception.
Once the ship arrived at the pier, it was evident that going out on foot wasn’t a good option with nothing but industrial buildings in the area and the falling rain. Living on two different islands in Fiji starting in a little over three months, we decided to save the sightseeing until we’re here which will be more sensible and sensible.
 Yesterday, we attended a live show with the world-renowned performer, Danny Elliott from Australia. After missing his first show a few nights ago when we were having fun at our dinner table, we were anxious to see what all the hoopla was all about.
We’ve never seen such a reception at a port. It makes us feel good about our upcoming time in Fiji.

As we mentioned in the past, from time to time, when we find that a venue, an artist or performer, a restaurant or hotel is exceptional, we like to highlight them in a post, as we’re doing today for performer Danny Elliott.

After watching the hour-long matinee, we are convinced the hoopla was warranted for this fine performer. He ran out of CDs during his first show. 

We were glad we hadn’t decided to go on a ship sponsored tour.

As a result with our now growing Australian readership, we decided to post the links to Danny’s website enabling our readers to easily find where they can read more about him, watch a video and order his CDs. (We are in no manner involved in the sale of any of his products).

More band players, standing in the rain.

Please click here for a free video of highlights of Danny’s performances.

Please click here for the link to Danny’s website where CDs may be purchased.

“Danny Elliott was awarded the 31st “Mo” Award for the “Peter Allen Australian Variety Entertainer of the Year”. This is the premier award for various artists in Australia and is proudly sitting alongside Danny’s other “Mo” Awards for Versatile Variety and Vocal Instrumental Performer received in previous years. Danny has also been recognized by the “ACE” Awards and has received two gongs for versatile variety performers.

Watching Danny Elliott play one instrument after another during his high-impact performances, it’s not hard to believe that his natural talent for music has been evident from a very early age.

Last night, we attended an invitation-only party on the 9th deck by the indoor pool.

When a pre-school teacher discovered a distinct aptitude for music in four-year-old Danny his parents quickly helped the budding musician explore his creative impulses with piano lessons. Then taking up the flute at just eight years old, Danny has spent years expanding his musical expertise and now plays more than 12 instruments.

Danny first performed for an audience as a teenager at a local talent quest. His unique ability impressed the organizers and the young musician quickly became a favorite mainstay on the talent quest circuit. Leaving high school to focus on his promising music career, Danny spent time developing his repertoire and was soon being booked by local clubs for his acclaimed solo show.

Passengers sitting around the pool enjoying the party.

But his real break came when 23-year-old Danny was signed to play aboard the world-famous cruise ship, the QEII. Infamous for its cultured, demanding audience, Danny’s unique ability to play successive instruments in a single show drew standing ovations from the tough crowds and glowing reviews from the ship’s entertainment director.”

Once again, we’re seated in the Schooner Bar with friends, Reene and Jeff at our side. The guys are chatting while I’m busy writing. Today will be a low key day, hanging out with new friends, attending shows, and playing trivia games. 

A ferry boat going to other nearby islands.

In five days, we’ll disembark to continue our years-long journey to everywhere. Please stop back for more with many new photos yet to share.

It’s Saturday here. Happy day to those of you where it’s Friday!

Today, we’re posting two “year ago” photos, one for June 5th which we missed entirely, and the other for today, our June 6th. Confusing.

                                                                  June 5, 2014 photo:

View of the house we rented in Madeira, Portugal which we loved for the two and a half months we spent on the island. We took this shot when we walked the neighborhood’s steep hills.  For details from that date, please click here.

  June 6, 2014 photo:

Having the opportunity to purchase this entire tuna from the fish truck that drove past our house in Madeira was a memorable event.We shared the fish with Gina, our friend and property manager, and Judite, our cleaning person. Please click here for details.

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