India pleasures continue, minus a few glitches along the way…

With my laptop crashing and the dreadfully bad WiFi signal at this hotel, I cannot upload any photos today. The hotel is fully booked for Valentine’s Day, and with so many guests sharing the connection, we’re unable to upload any images.

Once I get my new Chromebook in within a week, I’ll get caught up, especially if we have a better WiFi signal when we’re not so high above sea level and in a hotel with such a poor signal.No doubt, we anticipated WiFi issues when visiting somewhat remote locations along the way. But, what did we expect? We didn’t anticipate that Tom’s old computer, which I’d carefully reformatted only a few weeks ago, would essentially crash for good, leaving me in difficulty attempting to post.

We’ve been a bit frustrated with the hotel we’re currently in while staying in Shimla for three nights. In the remodeling process, numerous steep stone outdoor stairways are required to navigate from the make-shift temporary lobby to find our room.

Tom counted that we had to navigate 96 steps (10 flights of stairs) each time we need to access the main entrance to the hotel. There aren’t adequate elevators (lifts) to get from one level/location to another. Had we known this, we’d never booked this hotel.

The hotel room is spacious and quite lovely, as is the restaurant. But there is no bar/lounge to relax or work before dining or anywhere in the entire hotel where we can sit other than in our hotel room when we have work to do. This is ridiculous, especially for a usually quite convenient Radisson Hotel.

Subsequently, we’re looking forward to moving on tomorrow.  At 10:00 am, we’ll be on the move again when Prince drives us the required seven hours to our next stop in Amritsar, another famous city many tourists come to India to see.

Don’t get me wrong; we’re enjoying India. It’s a fascinating country rich in culture and history with an overall kindly and gentle population. But, like life itself, sometimes travel isn’t as convenient and as easy as we’d like it to be. 

These few glitches will soon be resolved, leaving us more at ease and in our element. Or, we may continue to experience WiFi issues that make posting difficult each day. In any case, we’ll make every effort to figure all of this out as we continue.

We’re managing with the food, which is predominately Indian flavored, using considerable starch and sugar. The only dishes I can count on working for me are simple curries. For Tom, it’s a little more challenging, but we’re both managing to find foods suitable for both of our needs and taste buds. 

The easiest meal is breakfast which is included in our hotel fare at most locations. We’ve been able to have eggs, omelets, and bacon. Dinners are a little more challenging, but here again, we’re able to make it work while still savoring some Indian flavors in our meals.

Last night, we had a good meal in the dining room while celebrating my first anniversary of open-heart surgery. These minor issues remind us of how lucky and grateful we are to be able to continue on in our travels after what transpired in the past year.

May your day and evening leave you feeling grateful.

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