High surf in Hawaii due to storm in Russia…New photos…Why, this life?

Although the hills block the sun setting, these beautiful skies give us a peek of what lurks behind the hills.

Forecasters say a powerful storm a few days ago off Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia has generated a very large northwest swell.  This swell reached the Hawaiian islands Monday evening and persists through Wednesday morning bringing warning level surf to the area.

A new Coast Guard boat in the marina.

We can’t see the resulting high surf from here. The usual break of medium sized waves along the shores of Maalaea Beach continue as a steady wake.   But, the storm in Russia certainly illustrates how the world around us has an effect on others all over the world. 

As a matter of fact, we can “run but we can’t hide” from the effects that reverberate all over the world from one country to another; political unrest, infectious disease, financial downfall and as we see here today, weather systems from very far away.

Not our photo. (We wish it was!)  Several times each day we check the surf in hopes of spotting photo opportunities such as this.

Hawaii, not unlike other parts of the world has a variety of newsworthy events occurring due to weather, volcanos and their lava flow, hurricanes, high surf and shark attacks.  There even a website devoted to reporting on recent shark attacks.  Click here for details.

And here we are, Tom and I, safely ensconced in a comfy condo by the sea, perfectly content with the simplicity of this life in the islands, never having to get up and go to work, never having to mow the lawn or shovel snow (especially after recent storms in Minnesota and other parts of the US).

Beautiful colors at dusk at the lava rock breakwaters.

Some may say, “Gee, how did they get so lucky?”  In reality, it had nothing to do with “luck” and everything to do with a combined 90 years of hard work and finally throwing in the towel to retire and choose a life “outside the box.”

As glamorous as it may sound, it has required a huge amount of planning and sacrifice which many may hesitate to consider in search of that which may be fulfilling in times of retirement. 

Notice how the color of these flowers progresses to brighter pink at the top. 
This is a variety of Aloe Vera.

What was it about our lives that made us take such drastic measures to create a new life?  The answer isn’t that easy. For us, it was a combination of many life events that made it a possibility.

In part, it was the self sufficiency of our grown children in creating responsible and fulfilling lives for themselves allowing us to let go.  In another way, it was our own “lurking below the surface” desire for adventure. 

Its the same challenge with these which we’re unable to find after searching through hundreds of photos.

In another significant manner, it was a result of Tom’s excellent retirement benefits that enables us to continue with this life as long as we can, as long as we want, providing we maintain a strict budget that we adhere to without failure. 

In another way, it is our interest and passion for detail, using the internet as a valuable resource that moved us along allowing us access to the world, never to have been available in years past.

The crisp white and yellow of Plumeria.

Would our health allow us to be away from routine doctor appointments, prescriptions and usual health insurance?  For me, it was only through my restrictive diet that I attained renewed health or I’d never been able to tackle this life on the move…when a mere four years ago, maneuvering through daily life was excruciating and barely manageable? 

Also, it was a combined willingness to let go of routines and familiar aspects to a life we’d found fulfilling in many ways.  Were two people, rigid in some ways, able to change and find new ways to move through life with happiness and fulfillment?

Sunset over the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Building.

It was a matter of these many factors falling into place that motivated us to choose to enter into this life.  And, it was the availability of this amazing world around us, however tumultuous at times; sharks, hurricanes, lava flow, snakes, biting insects, treacherous roads, potential hazards and risks, that brought us to this place, this date, this time in our lives. 

For this, we are humbled.

Photo from one year ago today, November 12, 2013:

We never quite figured out these pods growing in the yard of the house in Kenya. For details of that date, as we wound down our final of three months in Diani Beach, please click here.

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  1. Joanette Larson Reply

    The tall spike flower. A variety of Aloe Vera

  2. Jessica Reply

    Thanks for the tips. This should point me in the right direction. Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well your way.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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