Getting organized in the house…Many new visitors…

This Big Daddy jumped over the fence to see what treats we may have for him while his brothers grazed beyond the fence.

Since we’ve been sick for two days after we arrived last Tuesday, other than unpacking, we haven’t had time to get organized in the house. We’ve finally worked out a sound system for doing laundry. Danie delivered the clothes rack, making it easier for me to hang clothes. After having open-heart surgery in 2019, I can’t easily raise my arms over my head. Using an outdoor clothesline is impossible for me. This was an easy solution with a good-sized clothes rack in the outside laundry area.

With that problem solved, Louise brought over some items to make life easier for us, including some kitchen items. The spice drawer in the kitchen was already stocked with our spices. All I need to purchase when we go to Spar next is garlic and chili powder to make the spice mix for taco salad which we’ll make some time in the future when we’re feeling better and can eat spicy food.

This morning, we made a good-sized bowl of chicken salad with the leftover chicken breasts from last night’s dinner. We boiled a dozen eggs, peeled and chopped them when they cooled, and chopped celery and purple onion while I made the delicious sour cream dressing. We tossed it all together and placed it in the refrigerator to chill for tonight’s dinner. There should be enough left for tomorrow’s dinner too.

A warthog we don’t recognize. Once we get to know them better, we’ll begin assigning names.

It took everything we had to make the salad when we both were weak and out of sorts. Diarrhea has stopped, but we both still have a long way to be our old selves. Hopefully, we’ll feel well enough to go to Jabula for our usual Friday night dinner by Friday evening. We’ll play that by ear. Right now, it would be impossible. Neither can stand for long, let alone keep our heads up to sit at the bar.

Somehow, I managed to get the laundry done, doing a little bit at a time. When it is so cool outside, it takes two or three days for everything to dry outdoors when not in direct sunlight. Tom has stayed on top of all the dishes and kitchen clean-up. So, the house is orderly and ready for our needs right now.

Vusi just arrived to clean the house and change the bedding. He and Zef don’t clean on the weekends, and the floors get very dusty with the doors wide open. With no screens on the doors and the dusty terrain, it’s no wonder the house gets dusty in a hurry. But, we’re used to this fact and take it in our stride. We are so grateful to have Zef and Vusi taking care of us.

Since we haven’t been outdoors much, fewer animals have stopped by, but we notice that more visitors come to call each time we sit out there. This morning, we saw duikers, bushbucks, warthogs, kudus, and many helmeted guinea fowl who like to get in on the pellet offerings.

More Big Daddies in the garden.

The remainder of the week will be spent taking care of our health. We hadn’t had a sundowner since the first night we arrived when we dined at Jabula. There’s no way a drink sounded good when suffering from gastrointestinal distress, and even yet, I can’t imagine sipping on a glass of light red wine. It makes my stomach turn. Friends Linda and Ken in the UK, who got Covid a week after us, still avoid happy hour when they don’t feel right either.

Do we have lingering effects from Covid? Right now, it’s hard to tell the difference if we’re sick from the residue from Covid or the gastro infections. We feel wiped out and lethargic. Last night after dinner, I was feeling awful. I drank a glass of water with electrolytes, which helped a little. I can’t get any water down today, but I am drinking a Sprite Zero. It seems as if the bubbles offer some relief like 7-Up, which seems to help when sick.

We are looking forward to being excited, upbeat, and positive once again as we embrace the usual pleasant life in the bush. We are anxious to get back to Kruger National Park to see what we can find in the way of big game and, of course, to see our human friends as well.

Take care, and have a great day!

Photo from one year ago today, May 31, 2021:

Crooked Face, a unique and handsome devil. For more photos, please click here.

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