Getting it all together….The tasks are never-ending…Four days and counting…

Hummm…a waterfall next to an escalator at the Recoleta Mall.  Unusual.

It was quite a productive day.  After uploading yesterday’s post by noon our time, I was determined to go upstairs to our hotel room on the second floor, pull out my nearly empty suitcase and begin packing for the cruise.

We’re allowed 23 kg (50 pounds) of checked baggage on the early morning flight to Ushuaia on Tuesday.  Ponant Cruise Line had no issue with how much we bring aboard the ship but the airline does.  Apparently, we’re leaving Buenos Aires on a somewhat smallish plane designated for the approximate 200 cruise passengers.

Tom’s watch battery died a month ago.  There isn’t a single jewelry store nearby that replaces watch batteries.  We decided to walk the distance to this mall thinking there might be such a store here but there was only a Swatch store which only replaces Swatch-brand batteries. We left the mall since there was nothing else we needed to purchase.

We’re scheduled to arrive at the airport at 4:05 am which requires we’re up at 3:00 am for the 30-minute ride to the airport.  We don’t usually fly out in the middle of the night like this so the early wake-up time will be a bit challenging.  The usual hour-long ride in traffic to the airport will be considerably less at this hour.

The prior night, we’ll have given the hotel staff our bags and boxes to store while we’re away which we’ll collect when we return to Buenos Aires for two nights on February 8th, after the cruise has ended.

The University of Buenos Aires, The School of Law, located in Recoleta.

Yesterday, to alleviate thinking about this process, I decided to complete 90% of my packing.  Leaving Tom in the hotel lobby on his computer, I headed up to the room preferring to get the task done on my own. 

He offered to come up with me to assist but I knew sorting through clothes and other items would be best if left to my own resources. It would require going through every item in my wardrobe asking myself, “Shall I bring this or leave it behind?”  There was no way I wanted to be in a position of regretting leaving certain items behind that I could have used during the 17-day cruise.

There was no need for shorts and lightweight summer tops.  I made piles of “to bring” or “not to bring” and the process moved more quickly than I’d anticipated.  Within about an hour I had my bag packed assuming the weight would be fine. I have 2 kilos of space left which I’ll fill with toiletries I’m still using now.

A colorful exterior of an ethnic restaurant near a park in Recoleta.

I packed minimal underwear knowing I could handwash it nightly which I usually do anyway in an attempt to make them last longer.  I’d purchased one warmer maxi length sleep-type dress and I have one cooler nightshirt to wear when that’s at the laundry.

In checking online, the ship has laundry service and the “butlers” assigned to each room can do touch-up ironing as needed (all for a fee of course).  There is no way we’d be able to last so many days with the clothing we have on hand.

In going through the shipped box of our cold weather clothing, I sorted mine from Tom’s and packed all of those items.  We also had to consider what to wear on Tuesday when we get to Ushuaia where it’s cold and we’ll spend the morning and early afternoon until we board the ship in the afternoon.

Weathered old building in Recoleta.

The cruise line has arranged a luncheon for us at a local hotel where we’ll hang out as we wait.  This should be fun as we get an opportunity to meet other passengers.  Some may have purchased a tour and won’t be attending the luncheon or waiting at the hotel. 

After I finished packing Tom entered the room suggesting we take off on foot to purchase a few last minute items requiring a trip to a pharmacy and the shop where we’d previously purchased the unsweetened coconut cream for my daily turmeric tea drink. 

The traffic was light on this street in Recoleta as we wandered about looking for a jewelry store for a battery for Tom’s Movado watch.

We’d have to purchase enough of the coconut cream to last during the 17-day cruise,  leaving a few little packages behind for the two-day return to Buenos Aires and the first few mornings in South Africa before we’ll have gone grocery shopping in Komatipoort.

We found two more jewelry stores about 10 blocks from here and decided to walk there first to see if we could get a battery for Tom’s watch.  No luck.  Neither of the two stores handled watch battery replacement.

Apartments along the main boulevard in Recoleta.

By 3:00 pm, we were back at the hotel with the coconut cream and pharmacy items. We walked 7,000 steps on my FitBit and we’d yet to walk to dinner later in the evening.  As it turned out, by the end of the evening we almost hit the 10,000 step mark we attempt to achieve most days.

Tom stayed in the room while I went back down to the lobby to begin scanning the many receipts we’d accumulated while here.  I’d already entered all the items on the spreadsheet which I do daily, so the task didn’t take more than 30 minutes.  I’ll scan the new receipts from these next few days on our final day and be done for awhile.

A man crossing the road with what appeared to be three greyhounds.

I felt so accomplished when done with the day’s tasks. Now I can work on the final expenses for the 31 nights we stayed in this hotel to have them ready for the last day’s post, in order to share them with all of you. 

Last night, we decided to dine at our favorite restaurant in Palermo, La Cabrera during the 40% off happy hour.  Once again, we had a perfect meal and chatted with another English speaking couple from the US.  It was dark by the time we began the walk back to the hotel. 

The park surrounding La Recoleta Cemetery.  We could see the monuments behind the brick wall.

Not quite ready for bed, we carried my laptop to a booth in the hotel’s bar and watched a few shows.  By 11:00 pm, we were in bed but we both had a fitful night’s sleep, awakening for extended periods.  Its the way it is.  A short nap may be in order later today.

We’ll be back with more tomorrow as we wind down our time in Buenos Aires preparing for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting Antarctica.  Happy day to all!


Photo from one year ago today, January 19, 2017:

The views of the Huon River in Tasmania was beautiful on the way to Huonville.  For more photos, please click here.

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  1. Kay Lynn Reply

    Hi, I think those dogs you saw are greyhounds. Beautiful. Have a great cruise.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Kay, thanks for the correction. I've changed it on the post, thanks to you! So appreciated!

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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