Exploring Palermo on foot…New discoveries…Winging it!…Making plans for New Year’s Eve…

Painting on the wall outside a sushi restaurant.

Dining is a bit challenging here in Buenos Aires.  As we mentioned in earlier posts, most restaurants don’t open until later in the evening, long after we’d prefer to dine.

This is where we dined last night, San Serrano Deli & Drinks.

As a result, each evening, we’ve taken off on foot in search of a new restaurant to try, hoping after a few weeks we’ll settle in with a week’s worth of favorites, to which we’ll return for memorable meals. 

Guest started filtering inside when it was hot outdoors, although many patrons dined at tables near the busy street.

The most challenging part is my way of eating. If that weren’t an issue, it would be pretty straightforward. Thus far, all I’ve eaten has been one form or another of a Caesar salad with chicken which has been okay.

We stretched our necks to read this menu on the wall.  After a while, a server brought us menus.

Last night was no exception. But, this time, we wandered further away from our hotel to find another spectacular trendy neighborhood that sent us reeling with delight. It was the most charming area we’d seen to date. 

Tom passed on beer and opted for bottled water.  Tap water isn’t served in any restaurants since it may not be safe to drink.

After looking at several potential spots for dinner, we decided on a busy deli and bakery. The restaurant was busy was a good indicator the food might be good since we’ve seen others open at the early hour of 6:00 pm with few patrons.

Tom’s burger with ham, eggs, cheese, and beef plus fried potatoes.

Although service was slow based on the activity, we were fine, especially when we were handed the menus that included English descriptions. However, based on my dietary restrictions, the server asked an English-speaking server to ensure the modifications I required. It all worked out well.

My grilled chicken salad with grilled tomatoes.

As for tomorrow’s upcoming New Year’s Eve, we’ve met a lovely couple from the UK staying at this hotel and who was also on the recent cruise with us. Margaret and Con plan to dine with us in the hotel and enjoy some food, wine, and champagne. As it turns out, the hotel is not planning a party, so we’re planning our party.

Gated property.

Today, as soon as we upload the post, we’re taking a taxi to a big supermarket where we’ll purchase wine, champagne, liquor for Tom, and the food we’ll share with our new friends on New Year’s Eve and hopefully again on New Year’s Day. What a perfect plan for what may have proved to have been another meat and cheese holiday.

Lingerie shop.  There are many of these in Argentina.

Eating all that meat and cheese on Christmas Eve and day disagreed with me, so at least today at the market, we’ll be able to purchase some vegetables, salad, and a variety of foods suitable for the special event.

Sullivan’s Irish Pub, on a corner in the neighborhood we discovered.

The hotel will allow us to dine with our food and drinks in the otherwise quiet dining area. It should be a good night, especially when we hit it off so well with Margaret and Con.

The historic building we see each time we head down Gorriti road.

That’s it for today, folks. May it be a safe and satisfying holiday! We hope your plans for the New Year include exactly what you’d prefer, whether a quiet evening at home or a festive celebration of the upcoming New Year.

A decorated tree in the neighborhood.

Have a lovely day!

Photo from one year ago today, December 30, 2016:

This ÿear in review photo” was posted on this date a year ago. Tomorrow, we’ll do the same, posting favorite photos of us throughout the year. In this photo taken in 2016, we were on the Mekong River Cruise and tour in July, stopping at the Kampong Cham temple in Cambodia. For more pictures from last year’s recap, please click here.

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