Errors!…Ugh!…A long time ago…Wonders in Africa…

Females and young lions were lounging in the shade of the tree. Our perception was that the male lions hang out with the family, which is not the case. Once these young males mature, they’ll go off on their own to hunt, mate, and occasionally hang out with their male sons and siblings.

This morning, I accidentally clicked on the post from October 12, 2013, instead of October 12, 2021, when searching for the “year-ago” post. When I reread that post here, I noticed that my grammar correction app, Grammarly, indicated I had 82 errors on the page. Yikes! That will take a while to correct.

A fantastic morning in the bush in the Maasai Mara in 2013.

A few years ago, I went through every post, searching for errors that I corrected. Now, I find that mistakes are appearing on old posts again. I have no interest in spending hours a day going back into old posts to start this process again, especially knowing that, for whatever reason, the errors seem to reappear. As of today, we have 3700 posts. Can you imagine how much work that would be?

A cool guy in the bush.

If I had a job and were being paid a salary or by the hour, I’d have to go back and make the corrections.  But because we do this website for love, not money, I have to leave it as is. We continue each day to make every attempt to correct errors, but no matter how hard we try, we miss a few things. And, no doubt, many of you notice them.

Mom and baby eland.

Occasionally, a reader will write, commenting on an error I’ll immediately correct, thanking the reader for bringing it to my attention. But, if all of our readers did this (please don’t), my entire day would be spent dealing with corrections. That’s not what our lives are about. Obsessing to be perfect was one of the reasons we decided to change our lives. This simpler life leaves little room for such unrealistic goals.

Anderson, our guide, busied himself setting up our breakfast, only allowing any of us to set up the camp stools.  Notice his well-equipped picnic basket. The stainless steel containers were filled with our still-warm breakfast, thoughtfully prepared by Ambrose, the chef, very early in the morning.

Back to the old post I encountered this morning, I hadn’t seen those photos in a very long time, and it was fun to see them again. It is a post from our first safari in the Maasai Mara nine years ago today. We’d posted photos over two to three weeks since we had more photos than could be published in a few days. It was an exciting time.

With room for four at the small table, some of us sat nearby, eating breakfast on our laps. There were croissants, cold cereal, pancakes, eggs, sausage, and a wide array of fruit. Although I could only eat the eggs and sausage, I was content.

But, the WiFi signal at the house in Diani Beach, Kenya, was awful, and we struggled to insert photos and text, which attributed to the many errors I spotted today. As mentioned above, when I attempted to make the corrections a few years ago, many of them didn’t stick for whatever reason. Today, I will correct that post only and, of course, any errors that appear on today’s post.

Anderson took this next photo of us, a little blurry but worth keeping, the only shot we had of our group of safari mates.

Speaking of WiFi issues, currently, there are two techs here from the company supplying internet service to this house trying to solve a WiFi issue we’ve been having since late yesterday afternoon. They got it to work last night so we could stream our shows, but it’s going in and out this morning as it had yesterday afternoon for several hours.

Such a relaxing day, lounging with the family!

Whether it’s power, water, and other services, stuff happens. After all, TIA, “This is Africa.” In our old life, we often experienced WiFi and cable TV issues. It is not a lot different here with the WiFi. We’ve never turned on the TV here. It’s upstairs in the second lounge room, and we have no interest in spending time upstairs. There’s aircon in that lounge, but we don’t use aircon during daylight hours, and we wouldn’t want to be out of sight of our wildlife visitors.

Our safari mate, Susan, was so excited to see this turtle.  With hers and Linda’s new giant cameras in hand, none of us minded stopping for a photo op.

So today, we are posting some photos from the old post from October 12, 2013, and do so with sheer delight over the memories from so long ago. Enjoy them along with us. I have included them with the captions we used nine years ago.

Most likely a mom and a maturing baby, butt to butt, in quiet repose.

A few minutes ago, another bale of lucerne was delivered. We’re looking forward, once again, to our animal friends enjoying the fresh green hay in two areas of the garden.

Have a fantastic day.

Photo from one year ago today, October 12, 2021:

Impalas must be hungry to come so close to us. They usually steer clear of humans. We generously fed them. For more photos, please click here.

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  1. Bob Fiala Reply

    Really enjoy all your posts read daily and have been going back over the years I missed Thanks for sharing. As far as errors, as you would say IOH (I’m only human)
    Have a great day

    • worldwide-admin Post authorReply

      Bob, thank you so much for reading our posts. It really is a joy to share them with you. Also, thanks for your comment about my errors. It’s appreciated! We hope you are enjoying going over the old posts. It takes quite a while with so many but its fun for us to know you are doing so.

      Stay well and happy.
      Jess & Tom

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