Dorothy, this isn’t Kansas…This is Africa…Python in a car!…

Last night, as we often do on Fridays, we headed to Jabula Lodge and Restaurant for dinner, arriving a few hours earlier to enjoy social time at the bar. With Covid-19 currently non-existent in Marloth Park, it feels safe to socialize with the locals. Last night proved to be an exciting evening, not only from the lively banter but from running into our friends Patty Pan and her husband Sydney, a lovely couple we’ve thoroughly enjoyed over the years.

We all sat at the bar commiserating over our wildlife sightings and events of the week, but nothing could stop the story Patty Pan had to tell and subsequently share in photos and videos on her phone. Tom and I couldn’t have been more excited to see her exciting videos and photos, some of which we’re sharing here today, with her permission, of course.

Python under hood #1

Where to begin? Patty Pan explained that she noticed several mongooses hanging around her driveway underneath her car a few weeks ago. No doubt, they were making their little chirping sounds, making Patty wonder what was going on. She looked under the car but didn’t find a thing. Sometimes nature throws a curveball, and we can’t easily figure out what is going on.

Inevitably, in time, the “reasons why” will pop up before our eyes, and we are astounded by the wonders Mother Nature presents to us, humans. And that’s exactly what happened to Patty. Several days later, the attendant lifted the hood (the bonnet, here in South Africa) and shouted, “SNAKE!” immediately slamming down the hood in sheer terror.

Python under hood #2

A commotion ensued as Patty Pan, the attendant, and a few onlookers were excited by this outrageous and once-in-a-lifetime sighting. Patty Pan, a highly regarded, experienced, and knowledgeable Honorary Ranger, didn’t panic. If she’d had the proper equipment with her, she could have readily removed the massive python from under her hood.

Immediately, she contacted Nadine, another Honorary Ranger and trained snake handler, to come to the petrol station, bringing her tongs and a bucket to place the snake in once it was retrieved. In a matter of minutes,  In no time at all, Nadine arrived, captured the snake, and carefully placed it in a proper snake container.

Python under hood #3.

The python was returned to the bush in Marloth Park, its natural habitat. It was adequately rescued and allowed to continue its life as one of the many in this exquisite wildlife-rich environment. What a story Patty Pan (and that petrol station attendant) will have to tell for years to come, let alone the incredible stories she’s accumulated over the years.

We couldn’t be more appreciative and thrilled that Patty Pan was willing to share her video and photo with us to share with all of you today. First thing, this morning, I uploaded the video on YouTube, the social media platform we use to upload videos to our site.

If the video appeals to you, please forward the link (click on the video, and the link will appear) to your friends and family, and let’s see how many hits we can get. Surely, this could result in a viral response.

So, as we say in the heading with the Wizard of Oz in mind, “Dorothy, this isn’t Kansas. This is Africa!” and this, dear readers, is what happens here!

Photo from one year ago today, May 8, 2020:

Where else in the world could you get a photo like this of a giraffe, taken in Marloth Park in 2019? Only Marloth Park offers such wonders daily, often referred to as “Paradise on Earth.” For more photos, please click here.

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