Delightful evening at the river with friends…Remaining photos from Frikkee’s Dam…

A young giraffe drinking from the dam.

Late yesterday afternoon, Rita and Gerhard picked us up to make our way to Buckler’s Africa, a nearby resort and restaurant overlooking the Crocodile River. The sky was clear, the weather was pleasant, and it was good to see our friends once again after their almost two-week trip to the Drakensberg Mountains, which included a caravan of seven owners/couples of high-end off-road vehicles.

They recently purchased a “rough-road” vehicle and had substantial training on how to drive on the relatively unnavigable roads in South Africa, of which there are many. They learned well and were thrilled to participate in the adventure to remote locations unreachable to most travelers.

Another giraffe was nearby while we were at Frikkee’s Dam.

While they shared their adventures, we sat at a table close to the veranda’s railing with a bird’s eye view of the river. They shared a fantastic slide show they’d made, along with many photos they’d taken of exceptional scenery and wildlife. It was interesting to hear about their adventures and the two of them, both competent off-road drivers, are quite brave.

After posting our remaining photos from the get-together at Frikkee’s Dam on Sunday, we’ll share the photos we took at the river in tomorrow’s post.

Buckler’s restaurant is a  lovely and very reasonably priced establishment. They don’t serve alcohol, so we brought our own, for which they provided glasses and ice without a corkage fee. The food was fresh and good, although the portions were smallish. The bill for each couple was ZAR 310, US $21.20, quite a bargain.

It was fun sitting around the two braais as the various meats cooked. Everything was fantastic!

It was fun to take photos of several waterbucks along the banks of the Crocodile River and, once again, engage with them in lively conversation. Tomorrow, they are leaving for a few weeks in Germany to visit family, and we’ll see them again when they return. There are many comings and goings of our Marloth Park friends as well as ourselves, as we soon prepare to return to the USA for four months, as mentioned in earlier posts.

This morning, we took off for Komatipoort to shop for groceries. It’s been over two weeks since we shopped, and we were just about out of food. Generally, I like to get the cupboards bare, which inspires me to wash the shelves in the fridge to prepare for a new influx of food.

What a great day we had!

Sure we could ask Vusi and Zef to clean the fridge, but we don’t ask them to do much more for us other than make the bed, wash the floors, clean the bathrooms, dust the shelves, and sweep and wash the veranda floor. We clean the kitchen ourselves, do the dishes, and do our own laundry, all of which they’d do if we asked.

We remind ourselves we won’t have a daily cleaning service in the US, and we’d better gear up for doing more for ourselves. We will hire a weekly cleaner in Arizona, as we have throughout the world, while staying in holiday homes. It’s an expense we’ve factored into our cost of living, regardless of where we may be.

The entrance gate to Lionspruit where we entered to make our way to Frikkee’s Dam, about 15 minutes on very bumpy dirt roads. There’s an entrance fee for non-residents of Zar 120, US $8.26. An attendant monitors the gate from morning until 1800 hrs, 6:00 pm when the gate is locked for the night.

I took a break from working on this post to go with Tom to Komati to the market. We just returned, put everything away after purchasing ample food to last for the next two weeks. Hopefully, we won’t have more power outages after there were several, earlier this morning. The fridge and freezer are packed to the brim.

Next Monday, I’m scheduled to get the darned tooth pulled, the one that had a root canal about 60 days ago and won’t stop hurting when I chew or brush my teeth. It’s disappointing after all that, but there’s nothing more that can be done. While at the dentist, Dr. Singh, will work on another tooth that needs a crown and remove the last of my silver fillings.. I’d like to get all of this dental work done before we head to the USA.

That’s it for today, folks. Not much exciting news here right now other than lots of fun socializing with our friends and spending quality time with our animal friends who are in and out all day and evening. Tomorrow night’s another potluck get-together. I better start thinking of what we’ll bring this time.

Enjoy your day!

Photo from one year ago today, August 31, 2020:

This photo was posted one year ago today while in lockdown in Mumbai, India, on day #161. This is Buckingham Palace. We took this photo in 2014. For more photos, please click here.

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