Day 27…Circumventing the Australian continent…Exciting opportunity for us aboard the ship…

Last night, we’d decided to call it a night early heading to our cabin around 8:30 pm.  We were in awe of the sky view awaiting us from our balcony.

“Sighting on the Ship in Australia”

An interesting piece of art from the ship’s gallery.

More days at sea as we make our way through the rough seas which lessens a little each day.  One week from today, the cruise ends in Sydney where we’ll fly to Tasmania to begin our five hour drive to our new home for six weeks in the town of Penguin.

Much to our pleasure, we don’t dread the cruise ending as many have expressed, that returning to the “real world” is trying for some passengers, many returning to work and responsibilities, others retired returning to less excitement and adventure.

The first Christmas tree we spotted in Adelaide.

With the utmost of enthusiasm we anticipate this next leg of our journey, expectations in check, tinged by a degree of confidence that we’ll enjoy both of the two locations in Tasmania in which we’ll live over these next three months.

From there, another 12 day cruise, a 40 night stint in Sydney and then…we’re on our way back to the US for a nine night Alaskan cruise.  From there, we’re off to Minnesota and Nevada to see family for nine weeks.

The clouds changed rapidly as we shot photo after photo.

One of our readers inquired as to whether we’d continue with our posts while in the US.  Of course, we will!  We’ll be busy with family but visiting many venues in the process. 

Minnesota is a beautiful state. We won’t have any trouble finding plenty of photo opportunities during our six week visit. The final three weeks in Nevada will provide more photos and stories. 

Soon the cloud formation began to waft away.

As for the moment we’re preparing for an unexpected situation we’d hardly anticipated.  The ship’s activities staff has asked us to do a seminar on our world travels tomorrow morning at 11:15 am in the huge Colony Club. We couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Although we’ll only have 45 minutes, it should be ample time to share our story. Tomorrow, our seminar will be listed in the daily Compass newsletter as a planned activity for passengers.

We sure got a kick out of this sign outside Sean’s Kitchen in Adelaide since “streaky” bacon is one of the favorite staples in our way of eating.

Tonight at 7:30 pm, we’ll be interviewed on camera by the both the cruise and activities directors, Steve and Kevin respectively, which will be shown on TV tomorrow morning during the ship’s usual morning show explaining the day’s activities.

We’ll be busy preparing our agenda in the morning and have decided to postpone the usual daily post until later in the day.  At that point, we’ll have an opportunity to share how it went with all of YOU.  Please look for tomorrow’s post approximately five hours later than expected.  Wow!  Go figure!

Bernardo, our cabin steward, made this adorable “lobster” towel arrangement which we found on our bed upon returning to the cabin at the end of the evening.

One never know what to expect in this life of ours.  More often than not, the surprises are exciting and often life changing.  We continue to be in awe and humbled by the opportunities that come our way.

For our friends and family in the US we hope your Thanksgiving was memorable and for those of you who partake that Black Friday sales not too overwhelming!


Photo from one year ago today,  November 26, 2015:

Our short term vacation condo in Scottsdale, Arizona in November, 2012 where we lived for a few months as we finished the final preparations for leaving the US.  We had the table set for company when two of Tom’s sisters and one brother-in-law (who live in AZ in the winter months) were coming for dinner.  For more details, please click here.

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