Day #138 in lockdown Mumbai, India hotel…More photos from Paris in 2014…Part 2 of the Palace of Versailles!!…

The famous Hall of Mirrors. This project was carried out by architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart and painter Charles Le Brun between 1678 and 1686.

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Today’s photos are from the post from August 8, 2014, while in Paris, France. See the link here for more photos.
Stunning artwork is found on almost every wall in the palace.

News is distressing: the explosion in Beirut; the Air India plane crash in Kerala, India; the ongoing increase in cases of COVID-19 throughout the world, all resulting in horrific loss of life, livelihood, and a sense of well-being can easily spin any of us into a flurry of worry and concern.

This is a statue of Marie Antoinette who lived in the famous palace with her children.

This morning, dear friend Kathy (and Don), currently at their home in Oahu, Hawaii texted that the island is going back into extreme lockdown after an increase in cases when only weeks ago their numbers had been dwindling almost down to zero.

In the 40 years it took to build Versailles, thousands of workers were employed to participate in the process. Louis XIV not only lived in the palace but was instrumental in its massive renovation. 

Their previous relaxed lockdown has ended that allowed outdoor exercise and activities along with some restaurant dining has now resulted in a rapid increase in cases. As of today, they are in a full lockdown until the end of the month.

This portrait of Louis XIV.

This has been the case all over the world as more and more reduced lockdown measures have precipitated increases in cases and subsequent loss of life. There’s no easy answer. It all boils down to personal responsibility and caring for our fellow humans.

It was challenging to aim the camera toward the ceilings when there wasn’t enough elbow room for properly aiming the camera.

In our old lives, before COVID-19, if we developed a serious cold or virus, we wouldn’t go to work, to public places or spend time with friends and family. That is to say, most of us wouldn’t, preferring not to infect others. 

We believe this portrait is Louis XIV when he was young.
Why would this virus cause any less concern when it fact, based on its easy transfer from one person to another, you’d think one would tend to exercise even more caution. So, we’d think. 
Louis XIV had this statue made of himself dressed as a Roman Emperor to enhance his image.  He was of a short stature and wore tall wigs in order to enhance the appearance of his height.  Others in his court were forbidden to wear a wig as tall as his.

Well, you’ve heard enough about this today and much more over the past many months, from us, from the news and from friends, family and neighbors. We are all in the same spot, unable to predict what the future holds and how we can best protect ourselves and our loved ones, especially amid varying opinions from medical professionals.

King’s chamber and bed in the King’s apartment.

On another matter…our photos today are those taken from our post on this date, August 8, 2014 at this link. With more photos than we can post, we’ve selected a handful of our favorites from the interior of the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France. If you’d like to peruse the balance, please click the above link.

There were many photo taking tourists in the Hall of Mirrors.

As for today, not much is different than yesterday and the prior days. We’re healthy, safe and relatively content considering these ongoing unusual circumstances.

The Queen’s bed.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay diligent.


Photo from one year ago today, August 8, 2019:

Our final photo from Ireland posted on our last day. Goodbye, Ireland. Thanks for welcoming us and for being so beautiful! For more, please click here.

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