Day #118 in lockdown Mumbai, India hotel…Recalling beautiful artwork in Madeira, Portugal in 2014…

It’s hard to believe this is needlepoint. This piece was hanging above the sofa taking up a huge portion of the wall.  Gina’s mama is obviously quite skilled, although no longer able to do this work. 

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Today’s photos are from July 19, 2018, while in Campanario, Madeira, Portugal. See the link here for more photos.
A smaller sidewall held this stunning piece.
While in Campanario, Madeira, Portugal in 2014, we were faced with the reality of living in a highly cultural neighborhood where few spoke English, not even our landlord, the lovely Gina, with whom we’re still in touch with on Facebook today.

Gina spoke a few English words and continues to learn more as the years have passed in order to facilitate the needs of her customers from all over the world who are (were before COVID) renting her beautiful properties on the magical island off the coast of Africa. 
This piece was huge, filling a substantial wall space.  
Portuguese is the language spoken in Madeira which in many ways is similar to Spanish and Italian. We were able to decipher most written words, menus, and road signs, but speaking and understanding the spoken language was another issue.

Somehow, during the 2½ months we spent on the island, we got along quite well. No doubt, we missed engaging in general conversations with others, but we had many cruises ahead of us where we’d have an opportunity to socialize.
We can only imagine the effort that went into the preparation for the design and colors.
Gina included us in many local activities and aspects of cultural life on the island and we were blessed with a plethora of delightful experiences which may be found in our archives in the second half of May, all of June and July, 2014.

One of the many memorable experiences Gina shared with us was a tour of her and her husband Carlo’s personal home that Carlo had built. The extended family is in the home building business and combined they have several holiday homes.
The detail in the art is breathtaking.
During the tour, we noticed the amazing needlework on the walls that Gina’s mother had crafted over a 60 year period. Today’s photos include some of those exquisite works of art, we so enjoyed during the tour, prompting us to take photos which we share again today.

As for the moment, I just spent the past 90 minutes on the phone with my sister Julie and niece Kely who have spent 11 days in Nevada attending to my sister Susan’s end-of-life affairs. 
Typically, we’ve seen patterns such as this in needlepoint.
They shared the details with me to ensure I feel a part of the process. The time is near but one never knows how long a beloved family member may linger while in hospice care. At this point, she has no quality of life, and surely, when she’s ready, she’ll let go. 

As much as we try to prepare ourselves when a loved one’s time is near, there is no way to avoid the sorrow when the time actually comes. During these times of COVID-19, it becomes all the more sorrowful when unable to be at the side of our loved ones.

Be safe. Be well.
Photo from one year ago today, July 19, 2019:
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