Day #111 in lockdown Mumbai, India hotel…Mask or no mask???…More photos from Australia…

Nothing was as beautiful as a sunny day at the beach in Queensland, Australia, five years ago today. 

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Today’s photos are from July 12, 2015, while in Trinity Beach, Queensland, Australia. See the link here for more details.
As much as I try to avoid posting about COVID-19, it’s become challenging to skirt around the issue when it has such a tremendous impact on our current and future lives of world travel.
A substantial contemporary house near the beach.

A while back, I polled our readers, and the majority (by a slim margin) stated they didn’t want to see controversial posts, conspiracy theories, or politically inspired posts regarding COVID-19. We have stayed true to our promise to avoid these types of topics. 

In the process, even Tom and I have gone away from even discussing many of these varying positions to avoid becoming more stressed and agitated. This has been a wise decision.

Generally speaking, Tom and I agree on most aspects of self-protection from the virus. However, our opinions may vary on wearing face masks, which I adhere to with determination and diligence. He has readily embraced the hotel’s policy that face masks are to be worn at all times when out of our room. His only resistance is the fact that his glasses become fogged. 

Contemporary house in Holloways Beach.

He’ll undoubtedly comply with the airline and airport policies when we finally have the opportunity to fly away. I do not doubt that many couples may not agree on wearing face masks, although most agree that social distancing and vigorous hand washing are imperative, including both of us.

Our reader’s comments asked that we stick to travel-related topics, particularly regarding COVID-19, and thus, we’ll continue with today’s post in that vein. In today’s news, which impacts us significantly in the future, we see that the UK is allowing visitors from 59 countries to enter on international flights (this doesn’t include India or the USA) without any quarantine measures in place.

Another large home in Holloways Beach.

Doesn’t this seem foolhardy? Almost all of those 59 countries (most in the EU) still have rising cases and deaths from COVID-19. Why would England, which is the #9 position in the world for most cases and deaths (out of 215 entries), so freely allow international visitors without regard for quarantine?

This baffles me. Also, it baffles me why some people in mask-required states in the US can receive exemptions from wearing a mask due to “health reasons.”

This morning on my first walk, I listened to a podcast that popped up on my phone by a highly regarded immunologist/physician stating that there are no health conditions that should prevent a person from wearing a mask if they are physically able to be out shopping at Trader Joe’s pushing a grocery trolley and screaming when they are confronted, claiming a medical condition.

A small park at Holloway’s Beach.

If a person had a severe enough case of asthma, COPD, or other respiratory illness, most likely, they’d be unable to shop and would be under care at home or in a medical facility.

I don’t love wearing a mask. I have asthma and heart disease, so the mask makes it difficult to breathe when I walk fast in the corridors. But I do so regardless. If I couldn’t walk with a mask, I’d stop walking. I am no exception to the rule.

Most times, while walking, I walk past several staff members and an occasional guest. If I had the virus, what right would I have to infect others while breathing heavily from a fast walk if I had the virus without apparent symptoms? And, the opposite is true.

Double Island made us curious as to what it would be like to visit. Here are the details of visiting Double Island.

Finally, research is coming out that illustrates that wearing a mask prevents the spread from infected individuals and protects the wearer. Yes, there’s been conflicting information regarding this fact and others since the onset of COVID-19. 

But, as world travelers, it’s our responsibility to stay informed as information “changes” as more and more studies are completed in such articles as this and numerous other recent articles.

Tom was looking out to the sea under a roof at the beach.

Suppose we intend to continue to travel in the future, including land, sea, and air. In that case, we must stay on top of each location’s safety requirements and laws, as well as methods in which we can best protect ourselves once we travel and eventually land somewhere, regardless of where that may be.

So far, travel prospects out of India continue to look bleak, although there are discussions among leaders about reopening international flights. India has now moved into the world’s position #3 of the most cases and deaths, from #4 a week ago, directly bypassing Russia with the US in #1 position, Brazil in #2, as we predicted one week ago. See this chart here.

More views of the park at the beach.

As mentioned in earlier posts, even if India opens international flights, we’ll have to consider which countries will accept us when US citizens and Indian visitors are banned. Time will tell.

Let’s put an end to this dreadful time in our history! Please, folks, wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands obsessively. Please pass this post on to your friends and loved ones.

Photo from one year ago today, July 12, 2019:

These dilapidated farm buildings represent a period of strife in Ireland when many left the country due to the potato famine. For more details, please click here.

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  1. itztru Reply

    Bravo from a mask wearing former fellow traveler. Stay strong, stay safe, stay smart and stay healthy.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Itztru, thank you so much for your support on this important topic. Stay safe and healthy.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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