Cozi family calendar…What a find!…Four days and counting…

Manly Scenic Walkway weaves through the park.

We’re really impressed with the online Cozi Calendar app which may be found at this link.  As the time approached for us to visit our three adult children, significant others and six grandchildren in Minnesota we wondered how we’d possibly keep track of upcoming events.

We’ll also be getting together with Tom siblings, their extended families plus the many friends we hope to see during the six-week visit.

A walkway along the side of the house to Reef Beach Bay.

Sure, Microsoft Office/Outlook has a network applicable online calendar for employees within a company. On my laptop,  I use a Windows calendar that requires a tremendous amount of work to acquire access for other users.

But, the reality is that not everyone in our family has access to Outlook or Windows nor would they care to install a somewhat cumbersome app, not necessarily easy to learn.

Old tree with unusual bark.

After looking online for other options, preferably at little to no cost, I discovered the Cozi app which includes not only a calendar but also grocery lists, shopping lists, to-do lists, meal planning and more. 

The magic of this app is that every family member can access the calendar (the only important feature we need for the visit) by using my email and our designated password, established upon setting up the calendar. 

Large home bordering the park with guest house further down this paved driveway.

It took only a few minutes to set everything up and now our adult family members can see and edit the calendar around events we’ve already entered and also to see what dates and times we’ll be available for more entries.

Stop and Go light with a mailbox on a cement wall at private home.

Wow!  This is working out well and surprisingly, bless the hearts of our kids, filling in quickly.  By the time we arrive in Minnesota on May 26th, we expect the calendar may be entirely filled with plans with our kids, grandkids, other family members, and friends.

Undoubtedly, Tom and I, as a blended family, will occasionally have to separate to engage in activities with our biological kids and grandkids.  At other times, we’ll all hang out together.

Boat in Reef Beach Bay always creates a lovely scene.

This free app is ideal for the busy family.  Each family member can have access to the calendar (and other features such as adding or changing grocery lists) to see what activities are planned.  The app may be used on a wide range of devices including iPads, PCs, iPhones, Android phone and most other Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and devices. 

Another pretty view between houses.

Both Tom and I have it on our phones and laptops for easy reference from anywhere.  It requires an Internet connection to view, update and edit.  If you have questions, feel free to ask me for help or their very responsive customer support. 

Now as we’re winding down to a mere four days until we sail from Sydney, the busy work has begun.  Yesterday, I re-folded most of my clothes and packed my suitcase leaving a little space for the few items I’ll be wearing during these next few days. 

Metal roof on a local house.

Today, I’ll scan all of our receipts, tossing the paper. Tomorrow, I’ll put together the final expenses for departure day’s post. Thursday, we’re heading to Manly to meet friends for dinner. Friday, we’ll complete the packing to be well prepared for Saturday morning when we’ll head to the cruise terminal. 

Vegetation in the local park.

This morning we prepared our final three-day meal for the last cooking we’ll be doing over the next almost three months.  That’s nice.  That’s really nice!

Be well.


Photo from one year ago today, April 18, 2016:

Walkway dining along the way to the Sydney Opera House, the East Circular Quay Sydney Opera House promenade Opera Bar.  For more photos from one year ago after boarding Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas for a 14-night cruise, please click here.

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