Changing social plans due to TIA (This is Africa)…Fun night at Jabula…

Gordon Ramsay, also known as Gordy, lounged in the garden after eating veg and pellets.

Our plan for tonight was to have new friends, Dorthy and Arthur, for sundowners intending to make somewhat of a meal instead of the usual starters and snacks. This way, if the conversation extended into the evening, none of us would have to think of making dinner after they left.

As it turned out, this morning, we realized we had to make a new plan. With the temperature expected to be in the 60Fs, 16Cs with rainstorms likely and load shedding between 5:00 pm, 1700 hrs and 7:30 pm, 1930 hrs, if we had to come indoors, we’d be in the dark.

Siegfried, of Siegfried and Roy, relaxing in the garden after breakfast.

Also, most of the items we planned to make required the use of the oven, which is electric, and rain would prevent us from using the braai as an alternative. For these reasons, we needed to come up with another plan. We contacted Dorthy and Arthur, and they were fine with eating out.

Instead, late this afternoon, we’ll all head to Amazing Kruger View to eat outdoors in their fully sheltered tented veranda. If it doesn’t rain, at least we won’t be in the dark since all the restaurants in Marloth Park have generators, obviously to save their food from spoiling during periods of load shedding.

Male warthog companions often “give each other a bath” by going over their entire body, cleaning off ticks, other insects, and dirt. The warthog getting the bath seems to go into a trance during this process. It’s very fun to watch.

Although I am beginning to heal since starting the shingles medication, my leg is still sore and itchy. Spending a few hours standing in the kitchen doesn’t appeal to me right now. Although, if the conditions were right, we certainly wouldn’t have changed the plans.

Last night, when we arrived at Jabula for our usual Friday night dinner, we expected it to be a quiet night. Dawn and Leon were out for the evening, and when we arrived, there wasn’t another guest in the bar. Keep in mind that the bar at Jabula reminds us of the bar from the years-ago TV series Cheers (You know, “Where everyone knows your name”).

Friday nights are generally the most popular for locals and visitors to clamor at the bar for lively chatter. The degree of friendliness is over-the-top. Yes, we are aware of potential Covid-19 risks sitting at that bar, but it’s possible to social distance the way it’s arranged.

Mom and baby bushbuck were enjoying pellets this morning, with Sylvia looking on who often accompanies them. Could she be the grandmother?

Besides, without giving it a thought, I never hesitate to ask every person we meet, regardless of where we are at any given time, if they’ve had the vaccine. If they haven’t, we move away to avoid them altogether. We don’t want to spend 60 seconds conversing with an unvaccinated individual. It may seem rude to ask, but I have no qualms about doing so.

Last evening about 20 minutes after we got our usual seats at the bar, a couple came in, sitting at the bar a few seats away from us. When Rhianna and Douglas warmly greeted us and of, course I asked the question. They didn’t pause to explain when and which vaccine they had, putting our minds at ease, as we did the same for them.

We chatted a bit about Covid, as most people do. Douglas went on to explain he’d had Covid before the vaccine was available and yet, months later, decided to be vaccinated anyway. From there, the exchange between the four of us was delightful, filled with laughter and promises to get together in the future.

Most likely, this little one was born about a month ago. The mom is relatively small.

They both had lived in Marloth Park for many years. For Rhianna (I hope I’ve spelled this correctly), this is the only home she’s ever known, a rarity. They both were younger than any of our four children, but the age differences weren’t obvious in any of our conversations. We hope to see them again.

Sure, at times, we meet people with whom we hit it off, and to avoid being too pushy, we give them our card with our email addresses, suggesting, if they’d like to get together, please email us, and we’ll make a plan. Many times, we hear from the people we meet and go from there. On occasion, we don’t hear back and take no offense.

Right now, on another very cool morning, we’re situated outdoors. One of our new favorite bushbucks, Gordon Ramsay, who already “know his name,” is shown sitting in the garden chewing his cud with his eyes on us every moment. We’d just given him pellets with a good share of cabbage. He may sit there until he gets hungry again. He’s so cute, as shown in today’s main photo of him.

Have a pleasant day!

Photo from one year ago today, November 20, 2020:

This photo was posted one year ago while in lockdown in a hotel in Mumbai, India, on day #242. An Owl Butterfly we spotted in the courtyard in Costa Rica, with what appears to be a large eye to scare off predators. For more photos, please click here.

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