Beach scenes in Falmouth and gorgeous surrounding areas…

The greenery, the cliffs, and the white sand beach create a stunning scene at Swanpool.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Falmouth

With the development of Falmouth Docks in 1858 and the introduction of railway services to the area in 1863, the town was thriving with business and tourism. Falmouth currently has three railway stations to service the town and is currently noted as one of the key resorts in the UK’s number one tourist destination, with Cornwall attracting an average of 4 million visitors a year!
Falmouth and its surrounding areas are rife with things to see and do. Whether the casual vacationer wants plenty of dining options, diverse shopping, gorgeous beaches, and over-the-top scenery, this is the place to be. 
A food stand at the beach.
We had no idea how much of a holiday town Falmouth would be, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the opportunities we’ve had to experience this special location.
Tonight, we’re walking to dinner at the popular, highly rate Boathouse Restaurant and pub, specializing in the “Sunday Roast,” which we were required to pre-order when we called for a reservation. Walk-ins cannot be guaranteed there will be anything left when they arrive.
The beautiful Falmouth Hotel.  From this site: “A unique, Victorian chateau-style hotel set in 5 acres of landscaped gardens,  a prime seafront location, award-winning dining, Caudalie spa, and leisure facilities and overlooking Falmouth Bay and Castle Beach.  On one side is Pendennis Castle, the headland, beach and sea and, on the other, views over to the famous port of Falmouth.”

Some reviewers whinged, leaving fewer stars than they would have when they arrived at 7:00 or 8:00 pm requesting a table and the “roast.” It certainly makes sense that the establishment would only prepare so much food in an effort to avoid unused portions going to waste. These small pub/restaurants can’t afford a lot of leftover meats.

Tomorrow, we’ll post photos of our Sunday Roast experience as we had when we were in South Kensington, London, in 2014, as mentioned in our post of August 28, 2019. 

There was nowhere to park to investigate this historic building.  Thus, a photo while driving.

Need I say we’re enthused to dine out. After all the food on the ship only nine days ago, we needed a break from “big food” and have cooked our meals in the tiny kitchen, mostly basic meals with some form of protein, vegetables, salad, and rice (for Tom only).  

Also, since we arrived here, we haven’t had a wine or cocktail. We’d had enough on the cruise and decided a break would be good. But, I am anticipating a glass of red wine tonight at the bar in the pub at the restaurant. After that, we’ll be back to our teetotaling ways, most likely, except when dining out.

The beach at Swanpool, a popular holiday location.   From this site:  “Swanpool Beach is a delightful swimming cove with adjoining Swanpool Lake Nature Reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Excellent watersport centre where you can try your hand at dinghy sailing, kayaking or windsurfing. Bouncy castle located on the beach during the summer months for the smaller children. “

Knowing we’re leaving Falmouth in five days, I’ve been thinking about organizing some of our bags, but these short stays in England, requiring lots of packing and unpacking and…living out of a suitcase makes it seem like no sense at all.  

On Thursday, we’ll throw it all together, pack our leftover food (mostly non-perishables) and be on our way to the next location, a 90-minute drive from Falmouth.  

Steps leading to an overlook at Falmouth Bay.

The concept of shorter-term stays is very appealing for our future travels, but there will be circumstances where longer stays are more appropriate. The only drawbacks are the extra packing and unpacking and how we get from one location to another.

Three locations of our four rentals in England are in Cornwall (with one in Wales), and all are within a two-hour drive of one another. This makes travel easy and ultra enjoyable. No possible overweight luggage, no waiting at airports, and no immigration checks and issues (as long as we comply with the terms allowed by each country).

A place to sit and savor the view. 

Gosh, I have a whole new outlook now that I’m feeling well after all these awful months. The future looks bright, and the prospect of walking without pain and exhaustion is truly a gift as we tour an area now and into the future.

Happy day for us and for YOU!

Photo from one year ago today, September 1, 2018:

Every evening around dusk, before Frank and the Mrs. (to his left) go off into the bush to “make their noise,” announcing the beginning of the night, they stop by the veranda steps for birdseed which we happily provide for them. Whatever is left is eaten by either the helmeted guinea fowl or, believe it or not, the warthogs.  For more photos, please click here.

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