Another extraordinary evening…Royal Kruger Lodge…a Marloth Park game drive…The discovery of the Crocodile River lookout…

Our view of  the Crocodile River from the overlook building located in Marloth Park while on the game drive with owners, guide and guests from Royal Kruger Lodge.   With the river’s massive numbers of crocs, navigation on this river by boat is strictly prohibited.

How did we get so lucky? The opportunities that continue to present themselves leaves us in awe of the people we meet, the properties we visit and the vegetation and wildlife as the backdrop to such magnificence and wonder.

The expansive grounds of the Royal Kruger Lodge offers an inviting arena for wildlife to stop by for a visit.

Having taken an interest in touring lodges/resorts since our time in Kenya, our curiosity has peaked to include lodges in Marloth Park. After a rewarding game drive with Leon last week, who along with his wife Dawn, own the Jabula Lodge, we’ve discovered yet another excellent lodge located here in Marloth Park, owned by Leon’s good friend, Vic, the Royal Kruger Lodge.

In the dark after dinner, this pond was home to the most entertaining frog sounds we’ve heard anywhere.  In an attempt to make a video in order to share the sounds with our readers, we couldn’t get close enough to do so.  As soon as we approached, albeit quietly, they stopped croaking in fear for their lives.  The tree to the right has a platform for bananas for the Bush Babies.

After a few email messages, promptly returned by Vic, our visit to Royal Kruger Lodge was set, invited as guests with the intent of touring the private four star game lodge, complete with a tour of his intimate romantic lodge and a cocktail game drive in Marloth Park.  

The indoor dining area for guests for those rainy nights.

The lodge is beautifully maintained with an aesthetically appealing environment satisfying the most discriminating traveler.  Nothing was spared in making a guest feel welcomed and revered. 

This lounge area overlooking the grounds had ample seating for guests, located with easy access to beverages and requested cocktails.  The service was impeccable.  A daily menu is posted (to the right) for guests to peruse.

Easy to plan activities create a seamless transition from power lounging and relaxation to the indescribable excitement of a safari in nearby Kruger Park in an open vehicle or on a casual game walk in Marloth Park, abundant with wildlife sightings, up close and personal.

Most prolific in both Marloth and Kruger Parks, the shy Impalas are fun to watch, especially now in the final days of spring with the babies in tow.
A dark and cloudy day didn’t prevent us from joining in the game drive.  The cautious kudu watched us drive by.

 A lizard we encountered on the Marloth Park game drive last night.

Vic and his lovely wife, Magz and daughter Amber, joined us and their other delightful guests in the ample open vehicle as we made our way to what proved to be one of our most enjoyable game drives since arriving in Marloth Park a little over a week ago.  We’ve already participated in three game drives in a mere eight days with many more to come.

Magz and Vic, owners of Royal Kruger Lodge couldn’t do enough to ensure a memorable experience for all of their guests.

The game drive, executed by Guide Chase, was well arranged offering us a new perspective of Marloth Park (how much better can it get?) as we not only had several sightings but ended the drive spending two hours in a comfortable overlook area to the Crocodile River with ample seating and views one would only imagine in their dreams.

The evening ended with an exquisite dinner with lodge guests in the locally renowned, yet private boma, an enclosed outdoor dining area, somehow magically free of insects.  The thrilling sounds of lions in the adjacent Lionspruit was consistent during our dinner. 

The lighted walkway to the boma for dinner.

Although dining at  Royal Kruger Lodge is open only to lodge guests, we were included in last night’s dinner, graciously served by full-time on-site staff, attending to every guest’s needs.  We couldn’t have felt more included, in my meal specially prepared for me, or Tom’s meal, purely delectable with many accompaniments , all perfectly prepared. 

The place settings for dinner in the boma was pleasing to the eye and, upon dining, the palate.
We had the most tender delicious steak we’ve had in many moons (minus the bread, of course).

Royal Kruger Lodge is without a doubt, an ideal setting for the traveler seeking an intimate environment, an opportunity to live among free roaming wildlife, well equipped meticulous and inviting guest rooms along with the option to choose among a wide array of activities, all of which are arranged and organized with simplicity and ease.

The smells emanating from the braai whetted our appetites.

The smells of the local seasonings prevented this smoky air from bothering us in the slightest as our meat was carefully prepared.

A special thanks to our hosts, Vic and Magz and their kindly and qualified support staff, for what couldn’t have been a more accommodating and entertaining evening which we’ll always remember as one of our favorites in Marloth Park.

Could my hubby look more content?

Please stop by tomorrow for the continuing photos of our visit to the Crocodile River which includes a series of elephant photos as they engaged in a ritualistic
dominance event.

When will we ever be able to share the photos of the eight batches of visitors that stopped by on Monday?  They literally came “in droves” much to our pleasure.  Could it get any better than this?

Comments and responses Another extraordinary evening…Royal Kruger Lodge…a Marloth Park game drive…The discovery of the Crocodile River lookout…

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, I'll say it was an extraordinary evening; and already 3 game drives in 8 days! How can you stand all of this excitement; you probably need to breathe deeply about now.

    The Royal Kruger Lodge is the one I think is for me. Being 4 star and your description, "The lodge is beautifully maintained with an aesthetically appealing environment satisfying the most discriminating traveler. Nothing was spared in making a guest feel welcomed and revered." Yes, this is definitely how I like to travel. Sometimes Dan jokes and calls me "Jackie Onasis" because I love luxury. But don't we all, if we had the choice.
    Seriously though, I have done my share of camping and roughing it. But now in my later years, almost 70, I really prefer luxury when I can get it.

    It must really be exciting to have seen 8 batches of visitors. I hope you get to post them also.

    Our Holland America cruise on the Eurodam goes to the Caribbean from Ft Lauderdale, Fl; Their private Island Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Georgetown, Cayman Islands; Key West, Fl; back to Ft. Lauderdale and then on to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.; Half Moon Cay, Bahamas and ending in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. There are 4 sea days, which we really love.

    We have done this cruise several times before but they were running a really good sale and the fishing is good. Dan always takes a fishing pole and gear and we head out walking to the nearest fishing sights. Their private Island is one of his favorite since he has found the ideal spot to fish. But you never know when you return if it will be the same.

    Jamaica is not for us at all and if I have my way, we will stay on the ship.

    On the Cayman Islands, we did a really neat walk and found several spots for Dan to fish. It was very relaxing for me as I sat and enjoyed the scenery and the beautiful water.

    Key West is just beautiful and a colorful and neat place to walk around; since we have already done all the tours there many times.

    The Cayman Islands is fantastic for fishing and it is a short walk from where the tender boat drops us off. The water is so clear and beautiful and I usually walk further down and snorkel while Dan fishes. I just hope the water is not too cold in February; but it is beautiful anyway.

    Then San Juan and the millions of cats walking around, each one different from the next and they seem to be very well taken care of. We did a neat walk there also from the ship and Dan fished from a dock jetting out into the water. We were told this spot by one of the crew members. The first thing Dan does when he gets on board is to start talking fishing with the crew. But most of them do not know much and then he gets lucky and finds one who does. Such was the case in Puerto Rico. So I am sure we will do the same walk this time also.

    St. Thomas is just shopping and I get really bored with that. So hopefully we will find a tour we have not done before. This is a 14 day cruise with one day spent in Ft. Lauderdale before the cruise.

    We have not been on the Eurodam ship before but it has gotten good reviews. So far, most of the Holland ships have about the same amenities. When they serve high tea, the waiters all wear white gloves and have a white towel hanging over their arm. There usually is violin music playing; I just love it. We have done 8 cruises with Holland America and we really like their ships and services. The food is always good too. This next cruise will be number 26 and 8 of them were to some part of the Caribbean. Can you tell, we really like to cruise. It is so easy and usually very relaxing.

    Today was another day of shopping and walking, trying to find just the right gift. Oh me, sometimes I wish I could just give everyone money and a hug.

    Until tomorrow,


  2. Jessica

    Hello, Pat!

    I sure get the desire for luxury at this point in our lives. Don't we deserve to kick back and be waited on in lush surroundings? Yes, we do!

    Although traveling non-stop prevents us from everything being extra special, we've had snippets from time to time, for example, our stay at Olonana in the Masai Mara. Here in Marloth Park, it feels luxurious with AC, a sofa (actually 2 sofas) and the ability to hide away from today's pouring rain. It's funny how our expectations can change from situation to situation. It's been a humbling experience for me.

    The number of cruises you and Dan have experienced is amazing. The upcoming cruise on Holland America sounds fabulous. Can't wait to hear back from you when returning. Tell Dan good luck fishing.

    We agree about St. Thomas. Too much shopping. The cruise line-owned island excursions don't appeal to us. Too many people and too much pushing to buy things. But many of the islands are lush and relatively untouched holding a special appeal. We've done 8 cruises, nothing compared to yours, and 4 of them were in the Caribbean. We enjoyed them all, sea days too as you mentioned you and Dan do as well.

    Cruising is our first choice of means of travel. Unfortunately, we can't get everywhere we'd like to go by ship. In the future we'll continue to try. At this point we only have 2 more booked in the next year.

    We have no option but to give our grandchildren Amazon gift cards. That way they can select their own gifts which is fun for them to do. With 6 of them of varying ages, it would be impossible to know what each of them would like and then find it online and have it shipped. I think many grandparents do this now. It sure makes the birthdays and holidays easier.

    Well, now I can't wait to post the story of the Elephants and the Crocodile River. Tomorrow, my favorites, the visitor photos!

    Thanks for sharing your travels with us. You two are quite the world travelers yourselves
    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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