An anniversary night where we met 26 years ago…Post #1800 today!

Our waiter took this photo of us on our 26th anniversary of the day we met at this exact location, now a different restaurant.

Dining out every night over the past 34 nights, except for a few occasions when we’ve eaten at the homes of friends or family, has lost its novelty. No longer do we peruse the menu with renewed interest anticipating something new and wonderful.

When we entered Poor Richard’s, we were reminded of the memorable date of when we met.

With my restricted way of eating and the availability of restaurant menus online, it’s been easy to determine which establishments may work for me and which do not. Also, since I don’t consume foods cooked in vegetable oils (only butter, quality olive oil, or coconut oil), there are few menu items I’d consider ordering.

The easiest and least risky meals for me are salads containing hard-boiled eggs, bacon, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato with broiled chicken or salmon. This generally may be described as a Cobb Salad or variation thereof.

Tom was all smiles when he perused the menu.

Except for amazing fall-off-the-bone ribs we ordered (without sauce) at Grizzly’s the other night, I’ve only ordered the above-type salads over these many past meals. 

On the other hand, Tom has indulged in a whatever-he-wants mentality, knowing that in a little over a month, I’ll be cooking our meals again, which won’t include fries and other starches, burgers in a bun and other bread products, etc. 

Tom’s puff pastry-topped chicken potpie and garlic mashed potatoes.

During this period, he’s avoided all desserts and sweets, including the home-baked chocolate chip cookies available in the hotel’s lobby throughout the day and evening.

Eating only a low-carb breakfast (no pancakes, waffles, cold cereals, or toast) and no lunch or snacks between breakfast and dinner (or after dinner), he hasn’t gained an ounce while consuming some of this less-than-desirable food. I’ve stayed mum about what he orders (other than perhaps drooling a little when I see what’s on his plate at dinner time).

My seasoned buffalo chicken chopped salad with bacon, avocado, and blue cheese.

Last night was a perfect example of my drooling.  He ordered a puff pastry-topped chicken pot pie with a side of garlic mashed potatoes (skins included). I rated another variation of a Cobb Salad based on the menu offerings at Poor Richard’s Commonhouse in Bloomington, the location of our anniversary dinner as explained in yesterday’s post.  Please click here if you missed that post.

To our local readers: This is not the wrong spot for a reasonably priced and delicious meal.

Tom thoroughly enjoyed his pot pie, while I found the salad to be one step above some of the others I’ve tried since we arrived on May 26th.  Of course, the evening wasn’t so much about the food as it was the experience, dining in the same spot where we met 26 years ago, although the former establishment had been replaced twice; from the former Stonewings to Major by the current Poor Richard’s.

We’d anticipated feeling somewhat nostalgic about the location. Still, unfortunately, it had changed so much in the past 26 years we didn’t see any of the old Stonewings in its shape or design. Considerable remodeling had transpired over the years, making it an entirely new place.

We met in 1991 at this geographical location, not necessarily this same restaurant.

Instead, we giggled over the people we were 26 years ago, chatted about how our lives have changed so much, our time here in Minnesota and upcoming in Nevada, and the continuation of our travels in a mere 32 days when we fly to Costa Rica.

We both want to thanks our readers/friends, our Facebook friends, and our family for all the well wishes, email messages, and comments posted on yesterday’s post (click here to see).  Tom’s photo was quite a hit with the “girls,” and as he’s continued to mature over the years, he’s still quite a hit with me. 

The sign on the outside of the unrecognizable building.

It’s funny how when one is in love, they never mind the apparent aging process and changes that evolve over the years. In our minds, we’re still the 26-years-younger people we were back then with some added wisdom and “seasoning.” 

Happy day to all!

Photo from one year ago today, June 29, 2016:

Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore with its ornate carvings. For more, please click here

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