Almost there, folks!….

So sorry we haven’t been able to post. When we accidentally left the carry-on duffle bag at the car rental place on Sunday in Dublin, today we got to work trying to arrange to have it delivered to us.

Currently, I am writing on my phone, which is slow and cumbersome.

The best price we could get for express delivery was US $450.  There’s no way we are prepared to pay that much.

Subsequently, Tom has decided to drive back to Dublin to pick up the bag. The round trip will take about 7 hours, but Tom insists on going.

Our two cameras are in that bag, and we’ve yet to take the first photo of Ireland and our stunning location.

By tomorrow night, after Tom has returned, I will be able to upload a new post that I prepared on the airplane explaining how we managed to get through immigration in South Africa, with our “undesirables” status and more.

So plan to see a new post by this time tomorrow, although there won’t be photos until the following day.

Thanks for your patience. We look forward to touching base soon.

Have a great day and evening! 

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