A flowerful walk in Honolulu…New photos…Preparing a post as opposed to uploading a post…

Wow!  The greenery and flowers in Hawaii amazed us as we walked the streets of Honolulu taking these photos.

Yesterday, we had mixed feelings about getting off the ship in Honolulu.  The heat, the humidity, the lines at the ship’s security both coming and going and the fact the port of Honolulu is located in a mostly business district, made it somewhat unappealing.

Add the fact that we’ll be on this island for a combined 20 days over the next several months, our plan has been to see the sites while we’re on our own, as mentioned it yesterday’s post.  Why pay to see the city when we’ll be able to grab a free or low cost bus directly outside our condo?

Many exquisite flowers bloom year round in Hawaii 

With our family coming to Big Island, paying exorbitant fees to go sightseeing at this point becomes less of a priority when we’re watching our spending to a “t” in preparations for the upcoming big expenses for December/January.

In any case, we decided to “wing it” and head off the ship for a walk in busy Honolulu, staying out for a few hours in the bright hot sun, stopping periodically to take photos.

We seldom find orange flowers but in Hawaii…

The location for taking photos wasn’t ideal when we’d have had to walk considerable distances to make our way to a more “natural” areas away from the skyscrapers.

However, the time wasn’t wasted when the Hawaii I knew from 30 years ago, loomed before us with beautiful flowers growing at every turn.  As our readers are aware, we both have a penchant for exquisite vegetation, particularly flowers.

Tom is thrilled to be in Hawaii.
Tom has become my expert “flower spotter” with a keen eye at long distances, often inspiring us to continue on an otherwise unlikely path for a single photo.  Yesterday, was no exception as my “overly bubbly” self squealed with delight each time we stopped for a shot.

Too far away from good scenery photos plus, taking photos of skyscrapers holds little interest finding flowers a most appropriate subject.  We share these with our readers today, our favorites of the lot.


I haven’t mentioned much about the new camera we purchased at a price of US $369 (duty free) on our last cruise.  Its a relatively inexpensive Canon Power Shot SX50 that does everything we could possibly need or want. 

Why not purchase a higher caliber camera?  The answer is simple. With constant travel, humid and hot weather conditions, we’d rather purchase a new camera every few years for the latest and best technology in a reasonable price range than cart around an expensive camera we’re fearful of losing, dropping or having fall prey to rough handling and weather conditions.

This flowers so well depicts Hawaii’s gorgeous colors.

Oddly, we still use the old Sony camera when we want to slip it into a pocket and not bear the weight around my neck.  Since I don’t carry a handbag except on “travel days,” this newer Canon is heavier requiring a bigger commitment when carrying it around. 

So far, we’ve been pleased with the photos which don’t look a whole lot different than the photos we took using the Sony, minus the spots on the inside of the lens (which require I use an app to remove them).  The new camera is usually a better option.

I can’t recall seeing yellow hibiscus.

Yesterday, when we walked around the immediate Honolulu area we’d brought the Canon resulting in some fairly decent photos we’re pleased to share here today.

Based on the time zone over the next eight months, we’ve found that its necessary to write each post the day prior to it being uploaded to our site. The web software allows us to upload a post at a specific date and time which we’ve set for 3:00 am Mountain Time.

This is the Hawaii I recall; hot, humid and hazy and gorgeous.

The reason we’ve done this is for those readers who were used to seeing a new post when they awoke in the morning.  When we were in Kenya, exactly one year ago, we were located in the East African Time Zone.  The time difference between Hawaii which is located in the Aleutian Time Zone and Kenya is a whopping 13 hours. 

Along the way in our travels over these past almost two years, we’ve made an attempt to ensure that readers can expect to see our posts at familiar times of the day.  It may not have always been perfect but, we try.  Please write to us if you have an comments or question regarding this topic

We’ve never seen this plant.

Thus, as I write this post it is September 30 in the afternoon.  However, it will become available in the upcoming middle of the night here in Hawaii.  As a result, we set it up to automatically post at 3 am. 

First thing each morning, Tom proofreads for errors while I make the necessary corrections which may not appear corrected until after you’ve already read the post.  Please excuse our errors.  This is a reality of posting the equivalency of an essay each and every day, a perfect scenario for making errors which are easily missed by my own proofreading.

Vibrant color.

Today, as you read this, we’ll be on our way to Hilo on the Big Island as the cruise sails into Day #8, soon ending on Day #12, back in Honolulu.  This particular cruise continues on to Sydney, Australia on October 5th, the day we disembark.  On May 24, 2015, that we’ll board RC Legend of the Seas for our journey to Sydney, Australia.

We love cruising.  We love life as homeless nomads.  We’re both grateful and appreciative for this life we live. Please continue to share this journey with us.  We appreciate and love that you do!

Photo from one year ago today, October 1, 2013:

Ironically, it was one year ago today, that we booked the condo in Club Intrawest in Vancouver, that we left only eight days ago to board this ship.  For details from that date, please click here.

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