Internet issues…Sorry for the delay in posting…Continuing on the cruise, out to sea…

We’ve had issues with the ship’s wifi that has prevented us from posting photos let alone being able to get online to write about our cruise experiences to date aboard Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas. 

Although we haven’t actually missed an entire day, we’ve only been able to post one photo in the past 24 hours. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to post even one photo today. The signal remains sporadic at best.

We’ve been having another memorable time on this ship as we have on numerous others. This morning we found out there are only 17 Americans aboard this ship. Thus far, we haven’t encountered one of them. 

Instead, we’ve met dozens of Australians who are some of the most friendly people in the world and friendships develop will ease and vast amounts of humor and lively conversation.

Aussies don’t hold back in conversation, are less inclined to monitor what they say is an attempt to always be “politically correct” although they are respectful of all people, if such a combination can possibly exist. 

Although we prefer not to generalize about a nation of people, we find this commonality in Aussies and Kiwis we find to be enchanting and enticing. Sure, they may be exceptions to any such similarity, but we seldom encounter it to be the case after spending the past 10 months in and around the South Pacific.

In a way, it’s hard to believe this much time has passed that we’ve lived in this part of the world and without a doubt, it’s added to our perspective of the world in a positive way.

As for the cruise, besides the pleasurable time we’re having meeting other passengers, we’re loving every moment. Our cabin is comfortable and roomy enough for us, the views from the veranda are excellent, the food is good and working well for my needs, and the endless array of activities and venues in which to be entertain keeps us on the move from one hour to another.

We’re unable to post the year-ago photos or links. Once we’re able to receive a better signal, we’ll catch up on those we’ve missed as well as posting many photos we’ve been unable to post.

Today, we’d intended to write about the ship “freebies” and inclusions. However, with this sporadic WiFi connection, I’m finding it difficult to stay focused on a specific topic.

We’ll continue to attempt to post until we’re near land for a better connection. Please stop back to see our new posts. We so appreciate all of our readers sticking with us through these less than ideal WiF conditions.

Be well. Be happy,

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