Winding down…Family heading back…Trip to Kona today…Two plus hour drive…New whale sightings photos!

Tom captured this morning’s sunrise.
At this house, we are able to see the sunrise whereas as the first house, it is blocked by this house.

We knew this time would come and we’d carefully planned for it. We’re all good about saying goodbye having had a great family visit. We all have our busy and fulfilling lives awaiting us.

It’s hard to say goodbye to the grandchildren knowing they’ll be so changed when we see them again, when that will be at this point, we don’t know.

A whale’s back, spotted yesterday. I took all of these whale shots from the lanai.

The life we’ve chosen has a price to pay. But then, every kind of life we choose has its limitations, restrictions, obligations, and challenges. It’s the way it is. Choosing to be happy in those choices, whatever they may be, is the key.

We choose happiness, not sorrow and sadness for being away from our kids and grandchildren, our siblings, and other family members and friends. For many, if not most, being in close proximity to family is their way to achieve happiness

The dorsal fin.

For me, after years of illness to finally feel well, inspires me to see the world for as long as I can. For Tom, after 42 years of working on the railroad, the regimented schedule, the often long hours, and the hard work inspired him. 

For us as a couple, the adventure, the excitement drives us on with a wild sense of discovering as much of the world as we can, sharing the experience together as lovers, companions, and friends. 

More dorsal fin.

Documenting these experiences only add to the depth of our choices as now we say goodbye to this chapter, rapidly approaching the next months in Kauai, with time spent exploring and, time spent in quiet contemplation of where we’ve been, where we are at the moment and where we hope to be in the future as the planning continues.

After today, they’ll all be gone except for Tammy, Tracy, and Vincent who are staying until January 2nd, a mere five days away. After today when TJ, Sarah, and the two boys leave, we’ll spend our remaining time in the two houses winding down our rental agreement.

not the best angle, the tail known as the “fluke.’

On January 3rd, Tom and I will move back into the first house to spend our remaining days in the Big Island until January 15th when we fly the short distance to Kauai.

Today, we’re driving to Kona to take TJ and family back to the airport after their three-week visit. A stop at Costco in on the agenda in order to pick up the new computer awaiting me that I ordered over the phone yesterday morning.

Another whale spotted a short time later.

We’ll be back with more while spending Tammy and family’s remaining days on the island. They are quite the adventurers so I’m sure we’ll have much more to share in photos on the Big Island of Hawai’i (as spelled by locals).

Have a satisfying Sunday as we wind down to the New Year.

                                             Photo from one year ago on December 28, 2013:

It was one year ago today that we spent time at the Crocodile River wrapped up in the magic of a small herd of elephants engaged in their usual routine.  For more photos and details, please click here.

Comments and responses Winding down…Family heading back…Trip to Kona today…Two plus hour drive…New whale sightings photos!

  1. Staci Finch Thompson Reply

    I know it's been a wonderful time! The pictures have just been amazing, and it was fun to see the family outings. I know you all had a great Christmas. A very Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Jessica Reply

    Staci, it has and soon we'll return to our lives together of travel and exploration, content that we saw our kids and grandchildren, always keeping them in our hearts.

    We hope you both had a fabulous Christmas and have a happy New Year to come.

    Jess & Tom

  3. Staci Finch Thompson Reply

    Enjoying Christmas at sea in the Caribbean was definitely a different experience! We missed being with family, but it was wonderful enjoying the beautiful weather and someone else's decorations.

  4. Jessica Reply

    Staci, I'm so sorry I didn't ask about your vacation! With my brains mush from all the festivities I forgot to ask!
    It must have been nice for you not having to do all the work for the holidays. We've found that to be the case for us. Actually, we didn't decorate with everyone here. It made no sense to buy all the decorations, only to toss them later. We did a few things for the little ones but, most of them will celebrate upon returning home.

    Anymore to tell about the cruise? Did you like the cruise line, the ship, the food, the people?

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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