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Chef Ramsay might be pleased with the color from browning these scallops in butter.  “Inside, you will also find a vivid orange roe (also called coral), which is often discarded but is actually edible. Rinse (don’t drench) several times in cold water to remove sand or grit. Once shucked, scallops can be cooked. If scallops are mushy to the touch, they’re undercooked. If they’re firm, they’re overcooked.” They are delicious!  For more on “fake” scallops that are often sold throughout the world. please click here.  Scroll to the end of this post for details on this topic.

“Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland”
“The guillotine was used in Ireland before it was used in France. The earliest use
dates back to 1307.”


The battle with the insurance company is coming to an end.  We’ve come to the conclusion they aren’t going to pay nor will we be reimbursed for any of the bills we paid out-of-pocket.  

The stress of dealing with this has the potential to have a negative impact on my future health.  It simply isn’t worth it.  At times, all of us have had to face the reality that we’re losing money we shouldn’t have had to lose.  Such is the case here.  We need to move on.

We considered a lawsuit but here again, more stress and focus on the negativity that not only may affect both of us but also prevent us from truly enjoying our future plans with this hanging over our heads.  

We can only imagine the endless conversations with a solicitor/attorney in the UK where the company is based and how those calls would impact the quality of our experiences.  These types of phone calls could transpire while we’re on a cruise or touring.  We definitely need to move on.

A Connemara Pony a few doors down from us.

Why are they denying the claim?  In 2007 I had a cardiac ablation in the cath lab (in Minnesota) by an “electrical” cardiologist to remove a genetic tiny extra electrical valve which suddenly caused tachycardia.  

Once he removed the tiny valve (no replacement necessary) he explained I wouldn’t need further treatment, medication or any follow-up. I didn’t have a “heart” condition.  I was not a heart patient.

Less than a week later I was back at the health club pounding it out, feeling great with no residual symptoms.  It was over.  During this period I was on a low-dose hypertensive drug that kept my blood pressure totally under control.  I still wasn’t considered a “heart” patient.

When we applied for the insurance I knew if I disclosed this, it would be construed as a heart condition.  The doctor who did the ablation told me specifically not to make a deal of this when applying for insurance.  I didn’t have a heart condition.

Another Connemara Pony and her colt.  The dad was nearby and he was a dark brown like the colt.

When our current annual travel insurance found out about the ablation, they denied the claim, stating I had a pre-existing heart condition.  During all the tests I’d had before the bypass surgery I was told over and over there was nothing wrong with my heart itself.  

From a lifetime of working out, my heart was comparable to that of a healthy 35-year-old.  It’s my arteries that is the issue and I had no knowledge, no prior treatment and, no medication for this genetic condition, inherited from both sides of the family.  Heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, spinal disorders, and other inflammatory diseases were rampant on my mother’s side of the family.

One can argue I should have disclosed this when applying for the insurance based on the fact I had no known heart disease, I saw no reason to disclose it.  Would one disclose every sprained ankle, every infection, and every injury when applying for insurance, only to have those totally recovered body parts excluded from the policy?

I had disclosed I’d had back surgery in 1995 and they excluded any possible claims for anything to do with my spine, my neck, and my vertebrae even though I no longer had pain or was on treatment for any of this.  My restrictive diet rid me of any pain and at the time of application, shortly after we began traveling the world, I disclosed this condition in the application.

This insurance is not Medicare and has nothing to do with insurance in the US.  Medicare doesn’t pay outside the US nor is it possible to be reimbursed for any claims.  The policy was “major medical” only and didn’t cover doctor visits, dental, vision or prescriptions.  

We had so few doctor appointments over the years of travel, up until the recent surgery.  Prices were so low for office visits in other countries such as Euro 30.44, US $40 for an office visit to Dr. Theo, there was no need to cover office visits.

So there it is.  Right or wrong.  Delusional or realistic.  This is the situation and we have to live with it if we want to avoid the above stress.

But, a new problem comes out of this.  How do we get insurance for me now with the recent four surgeries?  We’ll share what we’ve discovered in tomorrow’s post.

Authentic scallops with the orange roe connection piece which in itself is delicious!

Moving right along…tonight we’re having scallops again.  We can’t get enough of these. Although I’ve reduced my consumption of beef to once a week, we’re having the scallops with steak, for a quasi “surf and turf” dinner.  It’s no special occasion.  We’re just enjoying good food along with coleslaw, baby asparagus and cooked spinach (for me).  Tom will have rice with his dinner.

Following is the article we found online about “fake” scallops which we’d wondered about for years.  After eating the scallops here, delivered each week by fish guy John, I doubt we’ll ever trust scallops in other countries including the US.  I never recall them tasting so delicious or having the little reddish/orange pouch on its side.  Wow!  Unbelievable flavor and texture.

“Identifying Fake Scallops (from this site)

While you can’t always trust labels, you can trust your eyes. Here are a few tips to help you decipher if scallops are authentic or fake.

Scallops from nature will vary in size and never have a perfect cylinder shape to them. Fake scallops have an identical circumference because they are made using a cookie cutter device. Also, if you see one edge thicker then the other, it’s either stingray or skate wings which taper greatly from one side to the other.

*Look at the texture. Genuine scallops have distinct grains or fibers running lengthwise, as the edible part of scallop meat serves as a muscle that holds the two scallop shells together. A fake scallop will have fewer fibers and appear more solid and dense.

And finally, look for at the thickness and see if it’s the same on all sides. If it’s made from a stingray or skate, it will be thicker on one side because their wings taper greatly from one side to the other.”

Next time you purchase scallops, you may want to check for authenticity.  Enjoy the day!


Photo from one year ago today, July 3, 2018:

Notice the pellet crumbs on Ms. Bushbuck’s nose.  Often, there are lots of crumbs in the huge bags of pellets.  Most of the wildlife are happy to lap up the crumbs if we place them on the tile steps.  For more photos, please click here.

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