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All of today’s photos are from a five-year-old post from this link. Overcast days at the beach still present a pleasant experience.
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Watching the news is frustrating and, at times, frightening. We have access to a few English-speaking news stations. Each morning, we watch to get a better idea of what’s happening with the virus worldwide. At this point, the news continues to be disheartening, as most of you are aware.

We can make ourselves crazy during this stressful time, turn off the news, and instead attempt to busy ourselves with projects and distractions. However, each of us needs to know new pertinent information that may provide us with tips and tools that may help us.

A week ago, many countries were telling their citizens not to wear masks, and now, today, it’s all over the news that wearing a mask when going out is an absolute must-do. We’re used to hearing conflicting medical advice!

Many companies in a variety of manufacturing businesses have converted their factories and workshops to mask-making facilities. We commend these businesses for their contribution. Now it’s up to all of us to find a way to acquire masks for ourselves and family members or consider making our masks.

There was always a chicken on the beach in Kauai.

With hundreds of websites suggesting how to make a DIY face mask at home with supplies, you may already have on hand. Please check with the CDC, your state, or the country’s Covid-19 center’s recommendations on making your masks. 

Since we are not experts, we hesitate to make any recommendations on how this should be done. Please do the proper research before you embark on any at-home mask-making process.

As mentioned earlier, we had purchased several masks, including high-quality N95 masks, but not for protection from the virus. We’d purchased these in December 2019 with the intent of protecting us from pollution in India, long before the news about Covid-19.

As it turned out, the pollution wasn’t as bad as we’d expected as we toured India, and never once did we wear them until a few weeks ago when news of the virus became rampant throughout the world.

These pods are less than one inch long.

We see some staff members and a few hotel guests wearing masks, but from the information we have from staff, there are no new staff members here since India’s nationwide lockdown began a week ago. 

Today, we heard a new couple checked into the hotel today, which is worrisome. Since the lockdown, the rest of us have been here and are a little paranoid about the new guests.

Will it change by April 15th, the supposed end of the three weeks? We don’t expect it will.

The number of cases in India as of today is 1397, with 35 total deaths. But, less face it, with 1.3 billion people in this country, statistics may not be accurate nor may not adhere to the lockdown be prevalent in many rural areas or highly congested areas as is the case in many parts of the world.

There’s a website we’ve been using for hourly updates on the virus worldwide. Here’s the link to the site. Scroll down to find your country’s details or other country’s information.

These downed trees are perfect on sunny days for those seeking a respite from the bright sun.

At this point, none of the news is encouraging. But, it seems its yet to reach its peak in most countries throughout the world. We all just have to hang tight and wait it out.

April Fool’s Day is often a time of pranks and humorous quips. But, now, during these circumstances, it’s not appealing to make jokes about this date. Instead, I tend to think of the “fools” who are not self-isolating, not observing social distancing, and are spending time in crowds and driving all over town searching for toilet paper or some other item they feel they must have.

If toilet paper runs out, there are many websites offering suggestions on what to use in its place, with the most straightforward solution being plain warm water. Many countries never use toilet paper, as we’ve experienced in the past many years. Doing so just may save your life and the lives of your loved ones if you can avoid going out looking for it. 

Please keep yourself safe. Although most people in the hotel have been here as long as we have, we continue to social distance and refuse to share the elevator with anyone. We’ll step out when others approach, if necessary. 

Please take care, dear readers. 

Photo from one year ago today, April 1, 2019:

We howled when these young helmeted guinea-fowl became frightened when a warthog entered the garden, and they flew into the tree, each pair facing a different direction. For more details, please click here.

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