Today is our 4 year anniversary of traveling the world…We’re boarding the cruise shortly!…

Our ship is shown behind us off the top of the hotel.

The red eye wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated, although neither of us slept for more than 20 minutes during the flight, other than nodding off from time to time for five minutes or so. It wasn’t possible to get comfortable.

Finally, we arrived in Sydney and within 45 minutes we breezed through immigration, customs and baggage and were on our way by taxi to the Old Sydney Holiday Inn the Rocks hotel, a 20 minute ride.

Seeing that the ship has arrived at the port is always exciting to us. This will be our 15th and 16th cruises since we booked the first and second leg as a back-to-back considered to be two separate cruises.

We were tired, but neither of us slept for more than 30 minutes once tucked under the covers in our darkened hotel room. At 4:00 pm, we decided to forget about trying to sleep and go down to the bar for a cocktail. The hotel has a two for one drink special during happy hour for priority club members.

As I decided to drink some white wine from time to time, I did not waste any time ordering a delicious glass of Pinot Gris. The first sip made my tongue tingle with pure pleasure. So did the second and third. By the end of the evening, I had two glasses of wine and was totally drunk since I hadn’t had a glass of wine in six months since our last cruise. Guess one needs to build up a tolerance to the stuff.

From our vantage point I couldn’t get the entire ship in the photos.  Notice the blue sky, perfect day in Sydney.

Oh well, it was time to celebrate! While sipping our drinks at the bar we met a wonderful couple from Canberra, not cruise passengers but visiting Sydney for a short holiday. Our conversation was lively and we all decided to have dinner together in the hotel’s restaurant.

By the time 9:00 pm came around, we were both fading and knew bedtime was neigh. I could hardly get undressed and under the comfy covers quickly enough, never reading a word on my phone or watching a smidgen of the repetitive news. 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I awoke once during the night and found myself with a bit of a hangover. One 500 mg aspirin later and I was back to sleep in minutes, not awakening until 8 am. Tom had an equally good night’s sleep, which we hadn’t had in quite a while.

This morning was busy with the late wake up. We needed to take photos from the hotel’s rooftop to post today and with a bit of luck we met another fine Australian couple, who are passenger on the ship with whom we chatted for quite some time. They offered to take these photos of us which we were thrilled to have on this special day.

The second half of the ship, Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas.

After the enjoyable visit, it was time to head to the pharmacy, the same chemist we’d visited a few times in past visits to Sydney in order to load up on Vitamin C, probiotics and an array of toiletries we’d waited to purchase after the flight to keep the weight under control. Cruise lines don’t charge for baggage, regardless of the weight.

The pharmacist remembered us and we had a fine time chatting with him as we made our purchases. We’ll need to find a market when we go ashore during the cruise to find coconut oil and baking soda both of which we use for dental and health care.

Once back at the hotel, we packed the bags with the few items we’d used overnight. Tom ran them across the street during two trips down a steep flight of steps to check them in at the port. All we’ll carry in hand is the yellow Costco bag and the computer backpack.  

Us, with the Harbour Bridge in the background.

By 2:00 or 3:00 pm, we’ll be able to get into our cabin and unload those two bags so we can relax, maybe get a bite to eat and begin more of the festivities. Good grief, the cruise hasn’t even started and we’ve already having a great time. 

I’d like to get into more details of our anniversary but time doesn’t allow it right now. We’ve decided to celebrate tomorrow since it will be hectic on the cruise tonight. I plan to ask the dining room captain to order a cake for our celebration in the main dining room tomorrow evening.  I won’t eat cake, but Tom will certainly enjoy my share. I’ll take a photo and give it a sniff.

Tom’s finished showering. As I write this its 11:53 am. We due to check in at noon when each deck is given a designated boarding time. Here we come, 33 nights at sea, a first for us!

We’ll be back tomorrow with more photos of our ship, cabin, meals and a new equivalent of “Sightings on the Beach in Bali” which we’ll figure out in the next 24 hours when we write again.

Have a beautiful day! 

Photo from one year ago today, October 31, 2015:

Us in Hawaii, one year ago. The next day we posted a new photo of us together from Namale Resort. Here’s a link to our two year anniversary. Here’s the link to the one year ago post, our third anniversary.

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