Three days and counting…New photos…Our years long journey to everywhere continues…Link to our Princeville condo here…

Free-range cattle poses for a photo.

It’s unimaginable to be saying this but, Hawaii has been a long haul. Oh, don’t get me wrong it’s been an excellent experience in tropical island living. With the mountains, the ocean, the fast-changing weather, the extraordinary vegetation, and its friendly people, it’s been a memorable leg of our year’s long journey to everywhere.

The pounding high tide surf over a rock formation jutting out from the steep cliffs in Princeville.

Overall, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time here. However, the wanderlust beacons us and we’re anxious to be on our way to the point of counting down the days over the past month.

A portion of the paved path that leads to Hideaways Beach, one of the many steep paths we navigated to beaches.

As the days wind down to a mere three until we load the car, make the hour-long drive to Lihue and fly for 20 minutes to arrive in Oahu for one day, we become reminiscent of the many months we spent in Hawaii including a total of 12 nights in Oahu, six weeks each in Maui and Big Island and now over four months in Kauai, totaling almost eight months.

Anini Beach is secluded in many areas.

When we recall originally booking the five various vacation homes in Hawaii, all based on our family coming to the Big Island for Christmas and, this upcoming cruise in May, it all made sense at the time. Hawaii, then off to the South Pacific with a relaxing, stress-free four-plus, months in Kauai in between. 

A path from a secluded area in Anini Beach to the street.

Looking back now, we could easily have spent a shorter time in Kauai, found a different cruise, and seen more world by this period in time. But, this isn’t the Amazing Race. It’s our lives, albeit our sometimes complicated lives that are interspersed with almost constant dreaming, planning, booking, and ultimately, living for days, weeks, or months in those places of our dreams.

Part of the charm of Kauai is its many chickens. chicks and roosters we’ve found everywhere.

We have no regrets. Our only time limit is life itself and continuing good health, or at least health issues we can manage along the way wherever we may be at the time. Feeling wonderfully well again, I’m reminded of the fragility of life itself. 

Ocean views are a huge motivator for island living.
We have no delusions about how quickly it all can be snapped away. Perhaps, this acceptance makes us a little more cautious than some may be on a vacation or holiday or, for a many month’s long respite from winter’s cold weather. 
Palm and coconut trees line the landscape.

We don’t take too many chances attempting to tackle high-risk physical adventures beyond practicality as we age. Why take the risk? It’s not as if our worldwide following is waiting with bated breath for us to bungee jump or hike a dangerous trail. 

This cow was particularly interested in us.

When we look back into our over 1000 archives of these past years since 2012, we giggle over the many adventures we have experienced, never thinking about what we “should’ve, would’ve or could’ve done.” 

Many large homes and estates have long and winding driveways.

As we wind down this lengthy stay we’re also reminded of all of the friends we’ve made, the parties we’ve attended, and the conversations we’ve shared with a seemingly endless array of fine people. 

It wasn’t unusual to see sheep grazing in Kauai. 

Whether our social activities were precipitated by the kindly social directing of our friend Richard, whom we met our first few days in Kauai, or those we met on the beach or at the overlook across from us on Ka Haku Road, or other travelers we’ve met who moved in next door to us for a few days or a week, every one of them mattered to us

Many property owners raise goats and sheep on their acreage.

A huge factor in making this extended period pleasant for us has been this condo. If you plan a trip to Kauai, you’ll also enjoy its comfortable bed and bedding, relatively good wireless broadband and cable TV, the washer and dryer conveniently located in a closet in the kitchen, and a good supply of kitchen appliances and gadgets, all of which have made staying here easy and convenient.

Whenever we’ve stopped for photos of the many grass-fed cattle in Kauai, they approach the fence to check us out.

Above all, the view from the lanai to the wild vegetation in the back with a breathtaking ocean view and another enticing ocean view from the front, also with a view of Hanalei Bay, has made awakening each morning a treat.

Horses are found on acreage, ranches, and farms.

And then, there are the birds we’ve come to know and love, the sounds of the roosters crowing and the chicks and chickens clucking, hidden beneath the palms in the surrounding yard and we’ve found this location and condo to be ideal. 

These pods are growing against the railing at the overlook across the street.  Many plants, shrubs, and trees in Hawaii grow large pods that bloom into gorgeous flowers or simply more leaves.

Adding the countless opportunities we’ve relished of visiting the growing Laysan Albatross chicks only a short distance away, from the parents sitting on the nests in January to the hatching of the chicks in February and as they matured, chucking their fluffy feather, soon to fledge the nest.

Sunset from our front lanai.

Today, we’re sharing a few remaining new photos and starting tomorrow, as promised, a recap in photos of our time in Kauai with a few remaining photos of our time on the other islands in Hawaii.

Hump day, think upcoming weekend. Have a great day!

                                               Photo from one year ago today, May 20, 2014:

After getting settled in Madeira, Portugal, we started getting out and navigating the steep hills of Campanario, the little village in which we lived. It was cool when we first arrived, staying in the cool ’70s throughout the summer. Tom is standing on the ground of a lovely restaurant we visited late in the day for an excellent meal. For details, please click here.

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