The tender took us to Mykonos, Greece…Pure heaven…Lots of photos!

Our MiFi is working again after the company Xcom Global gave it a hit from their San Diego, California location.

This is Mykonos! Oh, my!
Mykonos from the tender as we approached the dock.

Early this morning our ship maneuvered into the harbor of Mykonos, a virtual paradise of crisp white houses, similar in design, dotting the hillside of this historic and quaint Greek city. 

Our first steps into Mykonos after stepping off the tender.

Island houses scattered about the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea follow suit in their pleasing design and mystery, making one long to enter any one of these to see what lies beyond the white facades.

Mykonos, as we walked along the shoreline.

Awakening at 5:45 this morning, we dashed to the window after hearing the roar of the thrusters and anchor as the ships locks it in position, a short distance from the shore, requiring us tourists to travel by tender to step foot on the land.

Gerry, Nicole and Tom outside this quaint little church.

At 9:00 am this morning, tender tickets in hand, we’ll meet our new friends from Canada, Nicole and Gerry, to share a day’s outing by bus and on foot, exploring the sites of this interesting area.

It was s crowded in this tiny church, I couldn’t straighten out my elbows in order to take a level shot.

Having seen photos of Mykonos over the years, our curiosity was peaked to visit this appealing area and, much to our delight, we will see more today.  Ironically, since we left the US on January 3, 2013 our bucket list continues to grow, not diminish, as we hear more and more from other passenger extolling the virtues of a new place to visit.

The vendors along the boardwalk offered a wide array of fresh flowers and produce.

My current ‘song and dance” is Petra in Aqaba, Jordan and Tom continues with his passion for the Panama Canal which, up until Petra, was my favorite. The next few days could hold some treasures that possibly may top Petra for me.  But Tom, I suspect, will stand firm on his #1 choice as we travel along.

Look at those “real tomatoes!” They invited squeezing, but I kept my hands to myself.

Last night we dined at the prearranged dinner in the Windows Dining Room, with the two other couples having the time of our lives.  We’d met at the muster station drill on the first day, chatting on endlessly until the leader of the group hushed us to shut up. 

Three of the four in their group are school teachers and for some reason they were determined to sit with us to pick our brains. Of course, we were flattered, almost embarrassed, to be so chosen for such “brain picking.”  In any case, they all were fun to spend time with, each with their own interesting and unique story and perspective of life.

We can’t wait to buy fresh produce in Tuscany in one week as we prepare to begin cooking for ourselves! Mykonos didn’t disappoint.
The water was crystal clear.

At the late end of our evening, four hours later, we commented how in essence, we all are very much alike, seeking fulfillment of our own hopes and expectations of how our latter years could and should be spent. 

Amid the white everywhere on the island, the flowers offered a majestic backdrop.
The narrow walkways through the shops and houses was enchanting at every turn.
Nicole and Gerry, our French speaking new friends from Montreal were delightful touring companions.
Here’s these crazy retirees traveling the world. My pockets were so full, I look fat! No longer do I carry a purse.  Tom calls himself the “pack mule” since he always carries my overflow.

The common message:  Feel free, doing what you love and fulfillment will come. 

Tom referred to this little shop as “the Greek Victoria’s Secret!”
Shops and cafes lined the narrow stone walkways.
One narrow stone street after another.  Narrow vehicles serviced the areas deliveries and  trash pickup. It was impeccable everywhere.
Trinkets and souvenirs, not allowable in our tightly packed luggage, were in abundance in Mykonos, many passengers eagerly grabbing mementos of their travels.

 At every turn a new view awaited us, as endless lines of passengers paraded past

From time to time we’ve seen artwork from Mykonos.  Seeing it in person explained the charm this island has to artists worldwide.

Restaurants and cafes lined the boardwalk.

The streets were comparable to a maze, leading us to one more enticing view after another.
Stopping for a moment to rest, we looked up to behold  this olive tree filled with bunches of ripe olives ready for brine.

Feeling unencumbered by “stuff” that binds one to a life that can by suffocating and restricting. Spreading one’s wings, however that may be: riding a Harley in your old age, sailing in a regatta, falling from the sky, living in a jungle far from civilization, learning to sculpt, or ballet dance may all offer the tranquility we all desire. 

 The windmills of Mykonos, close to the shore for ships to unload the grain.
 Although all the buildings were white, many of the properties had colorful doors, roofs and window trim.
Churches were in abundance on this small island.
 An occasional stop was relaxing after the steep walk up the hilly roads.
Is that a bread oven up on that roof?  Ah, the days of home baked bread!
Stopping at a popular café for a cold beverage with Nicole and Gerry.
 I wandered into the main part of the café to find a restroom, which required a walk through the busy kitchen.
In the kitchen I discovered shelves of prepared foods appealing to the palate.
 Octopus?  I’d eat that!  Tom, not so much!
Prawns and what appear to be stuffed Portabello mushrooms.
 Moving right along through the crowds didn’t diminish the quality of our experience.
 Hand made fluffy scarfs.
A dirty faced kitty, among many stray cats wandering the streets.
 It was difficult to resist some foot stomping as this musician played. “Oompah!”
A single home overlooking the sea.  It would have been fun to go inside!
Our walk back to the area above where our tenders awaited the returning passengers.
As our tender pulled away from the dock to return us to the ship.
One last shot of Mykonos, a fine day to be had.

For us, we chose this life, however encumbered it may be at times, with its own weights and restrictions, ultimately leaving all decisions in our own hands.  We know we’ve made the right decision.

Tomorrow morning we’ll arrive in Istanbul but we have yet to hear as to our safety in visiting this troubled city. 

Stay tuned, we’ll be back with news.

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    Jess and Tom–

    Thanks for another great day of sight-seeing!! Fabulous pictures as always.

    Glad to see both of you are feeling better.

    Stay safe and stay healthy.

    Vikki and Bob

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