The end of our trip to the southern coast of Kauai…A sunset like none other…A year ago, human and animal came to say their goodbyes…

A little strip of clouds added to the view of the setting sun in Poipu Beach, Kauai.

After we spent time at Spouting Horn as described in yesterday’s post, it was time to head to our hotel, the Sheraton Kauai in Poipu Beach. With valet parking only, we took our few bags out of the car on our own and headed to the registration desk.

The sunset started like this, bright and relatively clear.

With only one guest in front of me at the desk, we expected, we’d be checked in quickly. Their computers were down. Well, up and down. After 20 minutes it was finally my turn. Tom waited in chairs with the bags while I handled the check-in, our usual procedure.

Then, it progresses to this point, giving us hope the cloud would provide an amazing view.

Again with their computers up and down, the wait was annoying, but, I stayed calm and friendly, especially since I was asking for a free upgrade to an ocean view room. Another 20 minutes later, key cards in hand we were headed to our upgraded partial ocean view room on the VIP level (whatever that is).

It was getting more interesting by the second, not the minute. Note the streak at the bottom right.

When we realized we had to cross the street to get to our room, I was tempted to go back and ask to be closer to the main pool and the ocean. I decided to forgo this option realizing it would be another wasted 20 minutes. 

Off we went on an at least 10-minute walk to our room, frustrated as we crawled around tarps scattered all over the walkway floors. There was construction occurring in almost every area. This stuff usually doesn’t bother us.  But, at $300 a night, it would have been worth a mention when we checked in and perhaps provide us with a quieter area.

Here’s the link to our review in TripAdvisor.

When it progressed to this point, we knew we were in for a treat.

As always, we chose not to complain. Low stress is a part of our motto. The room did have a nice view overlooking the pool and the ocean at a distance. The king-sized bed was comfortable and the décor and furnishings were of high quality and tasteful. The over-sized bathroom was well appointed with amenities including two fluffy robes hanging in the closet. We were content.

After spending a bit of time relaxing and making a reservation for dinner at the popular Merriman’s Fish House Restaurant located in a new nearby center, Kakui’ula Village, a shopping mall in Poipu Beach that would appeal to avid shoppers.

As darkness fell, it presented this view.

Leaving the hotel for dinner before sunset, we wandered over to a lookout area to take the sunset photos we’re sharing today. Other guests were equally enthused snapping photos with their cell phones. It’s amazing how quickly the sun makes its final descent, quickly changing if one so much as looks away.

Eyes peeled at the display on the camera, I stood in place, careful attempting to avoid making a single movement to ensure a clear shot of the breathtaking scene before us. We couldn’t have been more excited to add yet another sunset photo to the dozens we’ve accumulated over the past few years of travel.

View from our fourth-floor lanai.

The only available dinner reservation at Merriman’s was for 7:30 which can be a problem for me. Since I exercise what is called “intermittent fasting,” I only eat one meal a day during which I am never hungry based on my high fat, moderate protein diet which kills my appetite for 24-hour increments. 

When we arrived at Merriman’s Fish House at 6:45, we asked if we could get in earlier. They were booked although, downstairs on the lower level, they had a casual burger and pizza restaurant. We decided to give it a try when the kindly hostess called to discover they did in fact have an available table.

Here’s the link to the review we posted on Merriman’s Pizza and Burger Restaurant at TripAdvisor for details.

With little sun remaining by the time we got to our room, we decided to spend an hour by this uncrowded smaller pool in the area of our distant room.  Oddly, we had to walk to the main pool to get beach towels. That made no sense.

For those of you who don’t click posted links, the food was mediocre but the service was impeccable. The chef made a good effort to accommodate my way of eating which included a tiny salad, plain burger on the side, and an extra order of avocado. Tom had a burger and fries. Our dinner was under $50 with a tip. 

Back at the hotel by 9:00 pm, we settled in for a good night’s sleep and an early morning exit with a plan to head to Costco and Walmart in Lihue. More on that tomorrow.

Thanks, dear readers, for stopping by. It means the world to us.

Photo from one year ago today, February 26, 2014:

Louise and Danie came to pick up after our overnight at the Crocodile River Safari Lodge. As we approached our home, we spotted these giraffes, necks in a tangled mess. We all howled with laughter and joy for this scene. It was getting to be time to say goodbye to our human and animal friends as departure day loomed. For more friends that came to say goodbye including Clive and the returning Mr. Frog, please click here.

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