Part 2…This house…An easy method for storing locally grown avocados…

Our primary bedroom on the main floor has a comfy king-sized bed with fine bedding and an ensuite bathroom.

Yesterday, we posted a few photos of this holiday rental, and today we’re adding a few more of the interior. We may have shown these photos in the past but bear with me for those who may not have seen them.

I got a late start to the post when I was busy making blueberry muffins for Tom in the kitchen. He eats two each morning with his coffee, and since I had enough ingredients, I decided to triple the batch.

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to make 42 muffins from scratch. By the time they were all ready for the oven, I was pooped. (Thanks, Louise, for the three muffins pans). After being sick for six weeks and mostly lying around, relatively inactive, I realized how important it is that I get back into a consistent walking and exercise routine.

Still feeling run-down and tired from Covid-19, I committed to myself that by next Monday, the work must begin of getting in no less than 8000 steps a day along with some stretching and mobility enhancing exercises. I must admit I am not looking forward to it when still feeling out-of-sorts and lethargic. But, I know that I must do this.

The decor in the bedroom and the remainder of the house is calming and pleasing to the eye.

I’ll begin slowly, building up stamina. Once we left here on March 23, I stopped the daily walking, although I got in plenty of steps once we got to Las Vegas, staying in the massive Green Valley Ranch, Spa, and Casino. But, we arrived here a week later and got sick with salmonella; I haven’t resumed significant vigorous walking due to a lack of strength. It’s only been a little over a week since the awful gastrointestinal illness abated.

I am trying to assign myself one project daily that requires me to stand on my feet. The muffin baking project took everything out of me, and now I find myself sitting on the bed, propped up with pillows to get my feet up, recovering from the 90 minutes I spent standing in the kitchen. I’m sure in time; this weakness will pass. But, the sooner I start walking, the better.

It’s so easy to get lazy and spend the better part of each day sitting outdoors, reveling in the endless stream of treasures before our eyes. Certainly, the mental and emotional benefits of enjoying nature are worthwhile. But, sitting is not. I must and will make every effort to end this cycle of inactivity.

The master bath has a large walk-in shower (not shown in the photos) and this oversized tub, which I’ve yet to use.

Well, in any case, the 42 blueberry muffins came out perfectly and now are in sandwich-sized Ziplock bags, two muffins per bag, and are in a specific “muffin drawer” in the freezer. Each day Tom takes out one pack of two and defrosts them for the next morning’s coffee.  I still have some low-carb blueberry scones left; I’ve savored each morning with my decaf coffee—what a treat.

The low-carb blueberry scones recipe requires the use of almond flour. Yesterday, at Spar Market, I purchased four small bags of almond flour. There were each ZAR 135, US $8.87. I bought four packs, significantly adding to our grocery bill when we checked out. It’s a little less costly at Takealot, South Africa’s Amazon look-alike, and they offer free shipping, so that I will purchase it there from now on.

Otherwise, most items at Spar are very reasonable. We stocked up yesterday and may not have to shop for a few weeks. Meat is still a good buy as well as locally grown produce. Tom’s been eating bananas again, and they are priced as they were in the US 20 to 30 years ago.

Each week I buy a one kg bag ( 2.2 pounds) of ten small-sized avocados at ZAR 34.99, US $2.30, and make a point of eating one daily. I ripen them in a wooden bowl on the counter, and once they are ripe, I transfer them to a tightly sealed container in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. This way, they keep for weeks. I don’t put any of those that aren’t ripe yet into the fridge. Otherwise, they will be hard and inedible. With this method, I never have to throw away any avocados.

Today? We’re both feeling a little tired and will continue to work on improving our health. Tonight for dinner? Grass-fed burgers on the braai, no bun, with bacon, purple onion, sliced tomato, aged cheddar cheese, and lettuce. On the side was a big coleslaw salad and steamed white rice for Tom.

Have a fantastic day!

Photo from one year ago today, June 9, 2021:

Here is our new friend, One Tusk. We’ve seen another warthog with only one tusk, but this one has a substantial remaining tusk. For more photos, please click here.