A very weird thing happened last night…It was a first for us…

We’d never seen soap bubbles overflowing in a toilet. The toilet has an attached bidet, but we don’t use it since the water is cold.

Last night, while streaming an engaging series on Amazon Prime, “The Chosen,” we were both startled when we heard loud gurgling sounds coming from all the condo’s plumbing pipes. We both jumped up simultaneously, looking for an issue, and we were shocked when we entered the ensuite bathroom in our bedroom.

The bathroom toilet was just about ready to overflow with soap bubbles! What! We’d never seen such a thing! Why were there soap bubbles in the toilet? We ran back into the kitchen, and Tom turned off the dishwasher. Apparently, the soap was coming from the dishwasher! Go figure.

Now, the dishwasher and bathroom are not close to one another. This is a good-sized condo. We checked the bathroom at the other end of the condo, and that toilet was fine. After the bubbles went down a little, we tried plunging, but the toilet wasn’t plugged. It was just filled with bubbles.

Immediately, I texted the owner to let him know we’d need a plumber in the morning, but not immediately. We were fine for the night and would use the other bathroom’s toilet in the interim. With my UTI not completely resolved after less than three days on a ten-day course of antibiotics, I knew I’d lose sleep when walking back and forth to the more distant bathroom during the night.

Before I started taking the antibiotics, I had to get up four times during the night. I am down to once per night, which is a good sign. Before this UTI, I never had to get up during the night. Fortunately, last night, I fell back to sleep quickly.

As I write this, the plumber is due to arrive before noon, and it’s 11:45 now. We’ve heard that these days, various workers don’t necessarily arrive on time in Las Vegas. Whether this is true or not, we shall see. We aren’t going anywhere today, so it won’t be a problem if he’s late. However, I’d like to get in the kitchen to prep for tonight’s dinner.

This morning, I headed up one flight to the lobby level and then outdoors to the mailboxes. A few packages arrived from Amazon sellers that send their products via the US Postal Service instead of through Amazon, which we prefer since they come directly to our door.

Once I arrived at the mailbox with the key the owner had left, I opened the box to find dozens of pieces of mail for the owner and a few small packages for me. Inside the mailbox was a key to a larger mailbox in the same area that I had to open. For the life of me, I couldn’t open that larger mailbox.

I had to ask one of the staff members at the reception desk if he could help. He explained that many tenants also struggle to open larger boxes. He fiddled with it for a few minutes and finally got it open. I left the key in the larger box’s lock so the mailperson could use it again.

Moments later, I was back on the elevator, my hands full of my few packages and tons of the owner’s mail, and continued to our floor. Once I exited, I couldn’t get into the corridor on which our condo was located. The two doors to the corridor were locked. I was stranded in the elevator access area. I headed back to the lobby, one floor up, and asked them to help.

The cleaning person was vacuuming and accidentally locked the two doors. When I returned to our floor, the doors were unlocked, and I could proceed to our unit.

The plumber has arrived and is working on the issue. Hopefully, he can get it resolved today. These situations remind us of how happy we are that we don’t own a house and have regular everyday maintenance issues most homeowners encounter. We love that it’s not our problem.

That’s my news for today. I hope we’re not boring you with our little daily snippets!

Be well.

After looking up our photos from the Maasai Mara, I couldn’t resist posting another previously shown hippo photo. This was one of the first wildlife sightings we experienced only minutes after arriving at the Masai Mara airport in 2013. Love it! For more photos, please click here.