A busy day…A trip to Kapaa and an evening with friends…Local pub, Tiki Iniki Tiki Bar…

The Kauai Path was a lot longer than it appeared when we first started walking. My walking shoes “broke” with new shoes arriving in a package from our mailing service soon. In the interim, shorter walks are necessary.

Yesterday was another busy day. We don’t head out on any explorations or planned activities each day until after we’ve uploaded the day’s post. Once it’s uploaded, Tom proofreads it while I make the necessary corrections he often brings to my attention.

At the beginning of the Kauai Path in Kapaa, there were restrooms and covered shelters for those preferring to stay out of the sun.

Once completed, Tom copies and pastes the content to his blind brother Jerry in Minnesota, after removing all of the photos but, leaving the photo captions intact, enabling Jerry to have an idea of what we’ve seen as he listens to his talking computer. It means so much to him, and to us, to be able to share our stories with him.

The tide was high and on its way out when we walked the path as shown by the water in these rocks.

Usually by 10:30 or 11:00 am, we’re ready to take off to the Makai Golf Club to lounge by the pool and or my high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout after which I join Tom at the pool for a bit of time in the sun and idle chatter with other members. 

The paved Kauai Path in Kapaa was close enough to the ocean to allow for ocean photos.

Usually, I wear my swimsuit and yoga pants on workout days, making it easy to slip them off before crawling onto my lounge chair. On a few occasions, I’d brought along my swimsuit to change into after the workout, but had a dreadful time pulling it up when sweaty. 

On the opposite side of the paved path was an area being excavated for homes to be built.

I’ve learned my lesson and now shower (required before entering the pool) while wearing my swimsuit, rinsing off from the workout. By then, it’s already my second shower of the day with a third awaiting when we return home later.

After a pleasurable chat by the pool with Richard and Larry (a pool regular), we headed out to check out the popular tourist town of Kapaa, known for its convenient shopping for both tourists and locals with its Safeway market and numerous small shops located in a strip mall.

It was a mostly clear day making the walk especially pleasurable.

Another feature of Kapaa that has piqued our curiosity is the Kauai Path, a several mile long paved walkway that borders along the ocean a few miles from the town of Kapaa. 

As we passed this area, we heard many chickens and rooster clucking and crowing.

Easily finding a parking spot at the beach, we headed out onto the path walking for no less than an hour, never quite reaching the end. We stopped several times along the way for photos. With our upcoming planned happy hour get-together, it was necessary to cut it short. We still needed time for a stop at the Safeway for a few items I hadn’t been able to find at the Foodland store in Princeville.

I was pleasantly surprised to find all the items that I’ve needed this past month, necessary for baking a few grain-free, starch-free, and sugar-free scones and muffins that make this way of eating easier for Tom. He’s lost five pounds this first four weeks, even with a number of “splurges” along the way. 

Parts of the beach were overgrown with brush and covered with lava rock, although not nearly as much as we’d experienced on the Big Island.

Gaining weight is not an option for either of us when we have such limited clothing, all of which are the sizes we easily fit into 28 months ago. By Tom losing another 10 pounds all of his clothing will feel comfortable once again. Of course, there’s the health aspect. But, I won’t start on that now.

By 3:30 pm, we returned home from Kapaa, showered and dressed for the upcoming happy hour at 5:00 pm with new friends at the local pub, Tikiniki, owned by songwriter, record producer, and guitar player Todd Rundgren and his wife, Michele. 

My grilled steak with green was tasty but the portion was much smaller than it appears in this photo. That little cup in the upper right is about one tablespoon of mashed avocado. For an additional $2, I ordered a half of a sliced avocado on the side.

Our new friends, Cathi and Rick had invited us along with their friend Jane for happy hour and Pupu’s (appetizers) at the popular local spot after having met Cathi and Rick at last week’s “Full Moon Party” (to which we’ve been invited for each of our remaining three months in Kauai).

Last night, Todd Rundgren’s wife Michele, of considerable flair and charm, seated us. At the time we had no idea who owned the trendy establishment. Our new friends explained that the well-known couple were our hosts at Tiki Iniki Tiki Bar. Rick, a lifelong guitar player, and musician has worked with many well-known performers worldwide.

Tom’s cheese-covered beef and spam burger (bun top is on the left) and fries, hit the spot for him.

Four years ago, Cathi and Rick had been to Kruger National Park and on safari in Sabi Sands while in South Africa. They are returning again in June for another memorable safari experience. We couldn’t resist sharing stories of our African adventures along with our mutual passion for wildlife.

They were the first couple outside of Africa that we’ve met that have had similar safari experiences in South Africa.  The conversation was filled with both heartwarming and adventuresome stories. Jane is joining them in June and she was excited as she anticipates the adventures yet to come.

Both Cathi and Jane ordered this pizza type flatbread.

We ordered beverages and eventually a meal with few options for me. I drank plain iced tea and ordered a small steak salad and a side of sliced avocado. Returning home, hours later, I was still hungry, snacking on appropriate items we luckily had on hand; nuts, cheese, and a few squares of my homemade low carb fudge.

Rick ordered the spareribs which Tom will order next time.

Tom had a good burger and fries, his favorite item to order in casual dining establishments. We both agreed we’ll gladly return should the opportunity arise for yet another happy hour with a light meal in the months to come. As they say in Princeville, the food here is good but not great, although the service and ambiance are usually excellent as was the case last night.

We still had our Safeway rewards card we’d acquired in Maui saving us over $7 on $27 of odds and ends.

Having worked out strenuously and walking for an hour had little effect on my ability to sleep through the night last night. As is often the case for seniors, we both have difficulty getting what feels like enough sleep each night, awakening several times during the night. 

In Africa, we’d only observed a few male animals tending to their young along with the mom. However, in Kauai with its enormous population of chickens, we’ve repeatedly noticed roosters hanging out with the hens and her chicks, intending to ensure their safety. At times, we’ve seen multiple hens with chicks that he may be responsible for fathering. Apparently, not monogamous he’s still a good dad.

How active we’ve been during the day seems to have little, if any, bearing on how much sleep we actually get on any given night. I suppose it’s the nature of the beast (no pun intended).

The rooster and hen kept a watchful eye on their chicks in the Safeway parking lot. A few birds have also gathered when a store employee had tossed them some bread crumbs during her break.

For today, we’ll stay in Princeville. The dense cloud cover discourages any attempt to visit the pool but, a walk in the area may be on the agenda. Also, now that I have the necessary ingredients, I just may do a little baking after our walk.

Simple days are also to be treasured. 

                                            Photo from one year ago today, February 12, 2014:

When we’d moved to the African Reunion House we were concerned that visitors wouldn’t come. It took a few days but they finally began to arrive. It seemed they were attracted to the grounds at occupied houses, hoping for a pellet or two. For details from that day, please click here.