Day 12…Norway Cruise…Harstad, Norway..

Note: I cannot add a single photo today due to the poor WiFi signal aboard the ship. Once we arrive in Nevada in early September, we can post our photos from Edinburgh and this cruise. Of course, we’ll continue to try to add photos each day! We are sorry for the inconvenience. Perhaps, when this cruise ends, we can start posting photos while on the upcoming Celebrity cruise in 6 days. We’ll continue taking photos and writing text daily, if possible.

The past 24 hours were relatively uneventful. We had delightful conversations with other passengers, wandered about the area and the ship, and enjoyed a few excellent meals, as always. We attended a few live entertainment venues, one, a fantastic comedian in the Cabaret on Deck 5, and live music in the Living Room and Spirits Bar.

The entertainment aboard ships is generally quite good, and we partake, especially when we hear from other passengers that a particular show is worth watching. Typically, we don’t attend every night’s entertainment in the Cabaret, but so far, when we have, it’s been good. We prefer listening to live bands at night in the various venues and even the songs played by the DJ in between sets.

Today, we are in Harstad, Norway, and will venture out later in the day once we get today’s post uploaded and after I’ve had lunch in the buffet around noon. For several days, Tom has been having breakfast while I have lunch. There seem to be more options for me at lunchtime than at breakfast. Tom goes to breakfast alone while I am getting ready for the day but joins me at lunch in the buffet, even if he’s not eating anything.

Today our ship is docked in the town of Harstad, Norway, which is described as follows in the ship’s brochure:

“Nestled in northern Norway, Harstad is a coastal town renowned for its stunning fjords, cultural richness, and outdoor activities. Explore historic sites like Trodenes Church and Museum, indulge in local cuisine, and take in picturesque landscapes. With a blend of history and natural beauty, Hardstad offers an enchanting Artic experience that captures the heart of Norway’s north.”

Almost every afternoon at 4:00 pm, we head to the Living Room for two trivia games, one at 4:00 and the other 30 minutes later. Each day’s topics are different and unrelated. Since we’ve been away for so long and missed so much of pop culture and music, we’re not as good as we were as a team 20 or 30 years ago. Plus, I suppose as we’ve aged, we’re not as good as we may have been years ago.

It’s not as if either of us have any signs of dementia. We don’t.  Actually, our memories are excellent of what we’ve been doing over the past almost 11 years since we began traveling. But, prior to that, it is a little less clear. Perhaps, with all the stimulation and new information we’ve absorbed all these years of travel, the past has become less at the forefront of our minds.

Although we’ve yet to win a game among the many passengers who playing in large groups, we still enjoy playing and do a lot of laughing between us when reviewing our wrong answers, let alone our shock when we answer many correctly. In any case, its fun to play, and we will continue to do so until the end of the cruise.

Today is Saturday, and we disembark the ship next Thursday when we fly to Reykjavik the same day, sailing away on Celebrity Summit the following day. No doubt the fun will continue as it has over the past two weeks since we boarded Azamara Journey for the Norway cruise.

Soon, we’ll head to Window’s Cafe on Deck 9 for my lunch. Tom doesn’t usually eat again but is happy to sit with me, which I appreciate very much.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, August 12, 2023:

We’re reminded that fall is near in Tuscany by the pumpkins and gourds in our yard. For more photos, please click here.