Blog clarification…

Since arriving in Scottsdale, its been a flurry of daily activities getting our future technological needs under way.  Luckily, Tom has had a little time to relax and play with his new computer.  After all, he’s the one that just retired after 42 years, only eight days ago. 

Being the techie (the nerd) in the family, I’ve taken it upon myself to work diligently to get as much done as possible with time to leave the US running out by the minute.

Brains mushy, I realized after several readers kindly contacted me today, that I failed to clarify “signing up” for notification emails, if you’d like, to be informed of all new post as they are uploaded. 

Please, rest assured:  IT IS NOT REQUIRED THAT YOU SIGN UP TO CONTINUE TO READ THIS BLOG.  Simply view the blog as you have in the past by clicking on your bookmark or entering this web address:

If you kindly choose to sign up for the ease of finding it, you’ll receive an email each time I upload a post.  You can read it, delete it or forward it to someone you know who may be interested in our content.

There are two ways to sign up (remember, your email will not be used for other purposes):

1.  Click on the link under mine and Tom’s photo, under “FOLLOWERS” on the right side on the page that says, “JOIN THIS SITE with Google Friend Connect.”  Entering your info here takes two minutes to set up.


2.  Further down on the page is the quickest method,  Scroll down with an eye on the right side of the page to “FOLLOW BY EMAIL” which is located after the “SEARCH” button, (located below the archives from March 2012).  Place your email directly into this spot, complete the little squiggly thing of letters (used to avoid spammers) and you’re done!

Readers have asked, “Why bother when we can just read it as usual?”

Answer:  Its helps our blog become optimized, moving further up in Google and other search engine and…helps us build relationships with advertisers offering specials and promotions to our readers who may be interested in travel and products we use at reduced costs, as we have been so fortunate to do.

The more “signed up” followers we have, as opposed to readers in the background (which we have in the 1000’s), the more opportunities we will all be able to enjoy.

Feel free to email me ( with any comments or questions now or at any time or, if you prefer post a comment for the public to see at the bottom of each post.  We love hearing your suggestions and opinions.

Thanks to all of you who brought this to my attention today as I sat in the middle of a pile of computers, cables and devices, up to my you-know-what in technology, some of which is way over my head!

Our new look…request to our readers…

Hello, Readers,

We hope everyone finds our new look easier to read and follow.  As I mentioned yesterday, we still have some work to do to get it where we want it to be, to ensure it’s easier for our followers all over the world.

To complete our optimization in Google and other search engines, the more “followers” we have the easier it will be to find us when we leave the US in 57 days. 

In addition, we’d like some of the companies who’s products we’ve mentioned to be easily available to you, if and only if, you want more information.  We will continue to share bargains, coupons, budgeting and financial tips with you as we encounter them.  Some of these will be time sensitive.

In order to accomplish this, we need to show the scope of our already 1000’s of readers on the right side of the page via “JOIN THIS SITE” by our readers entering their email addresses.  It won’t take more than two minutes to complete.

What does this mean to you? This prevents you from having to check each day to see if there is a new post.  Instead you will receive an email in your INBOX with the day’s post (s). 

Since we’ll be writing more frequently, perhaps twice in one day, everyday or… in some cases, less when we are unable to get online in remote areas, this prevents our readers from having to look for new posts.

Our readers email will not be used for any other purpose other than to notify you of posts on this blog.

We are so pleased and surprised that we have readers from all over the world.  Here’s an example of our readers over the past week directly from our stats section in Blogger:

United States
United Kingdom

We look forward to growing our site, providing what we hope will prove to be interesting and useful information to both seniors like ourselves and of course, the younger generation. 

Please take a moment to enter your email in “JOIN THIS SITE” on the right side of the page to ensure we are always able to share our journey with you.

Thanks so much,
Jess & Tom