Breakfast?…Necessary or not so much?…Five year ago photos…

The was my measly pile of clothing to pack as we prepared to leave Madeira, Portugal, keeping in mind this includes not only all my everyday wear but, also two Scottevest jackets, three remaining bathing suits, two sets of Bugsaway clothing including three hats and three small handbags which I no longer have.  For the post from July 28, 2014, please click here.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland 
is derived from the Irish festival of Samhain. At the end of summer, the Celts
believed the gulf between our world and the world of ghosts and spirits
thinned, allowing malevolent beings to wander the Earth. Irish immigrants in
the US raised the popularity of Halloween in the 19th century.

In an effort to do intermittent fasting for health reasons, for years we didn’t eat breakfast except on cruises.  On a low carb diet (over 8 years since I started) eggs and bacon may be staples.
However, recently in an effort to increase my protein consumption and in consideration of the healing process, we’ve been eating breakfast most days.  Tom has taken over the cooking.  He makes neater and more perfectly fried eggs than I have ever done.  
These were all of my shoes in 2014, six pairs.  I don’t recall ever having so few shoes since I was a kid when I got one new pair of Buster Browns once a year.  Since this photo, I’ve replaced the water shoes which hurt my feet and the black sandals which bit the dust.
He makes three eggs and bacon for himself while I have two eggs, some type of fish and possibly one piece of bacon.  Occasionally I’ll add some veggies if I’m feeling extra hungry.  But usually, the eggs and fish is adequate, keeping me full until dinner.

We’re still doing intermittent fasting from 9:00 am until 1800 hours, 6:00 pm when we usually have dinner.  After dinner, another round of intermittent fasting begins from 1900 hours, 7:00 pm, until breakfast the next morning.  We’re avoiding any snacks during the day and in the evening.  

This plan works well for us in keeping our weight under control which seems harder and harder to do as we’ve aged and allows us the benefit of not digesting food for several hours each day.  
Late-blooming Bird of Paradise, aptly named.
I often wonder if all these health rules I’ve followed over the years were beneficial.  It didn’t prevent me from having open-heart surgery.  But my three doctors assured me if I hadn’t been so conscientious with my diet and exercise most of my life, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.  They advised me to continue my low carb way of eating.

As for Tom and his passion for sweets, bread, and starches, his weight would be out of control and he may not be free of taking any medications as is the case now.  When he was 18 kg, 40 lbs heavier, he was huffing and puffing handling our luggage and other tasks.  Now he has no health problems and takes no medication.

Apparently, his genetic component is less diseased than mine where many conditions ran rampant on both sides of my family.  There’s nothing one can do about their heredity.  
We never got enough of the clouds rolling in over the hills.  Each time it occurred we watched from the veranda in awe of the beauty.
Often, we hear stories of athletes and fitness aficionados developing numerous health conditions or dying as a result of heredity, regardless of any efforts they may have made to avert the possibility.

The magic of eating a low carb, high fat, moderate protein breakfast is its ability to keep us filling full all day and not thinking of food until dinnertime.  In our old lives when eating a high carb breakfast, we noticed how hungry we were in as little as an hour later.  I suppose that’s why “they” say that eating Asian food causes hunger an hour later…which most often is high carb due to sugary sauces, rice and fried doughy dishes. 

Of course, we only purchase organic free-range eggs and nitrate-free bacon (when available).  The quality of our food is more important to me than the quantity.
Our neighbors in Campanerio, Madeira were harvesting some of the treasures from their garden.
Today, we’ll lay low, catch up on a few financial projects and prepare a “Sunday roast,” a popular tradition in the UK and Ireland.  This will include three types of roasted meats, including lamb shanks for me, carrots, mushrooms, onions, cooked spinach, and cooked cabbage.  

The vegetables will fill 80% of my plate, less so for Tom.  But he loves the higher carb roasted carrots, of which I’ll only have a small portion.  Carrots, especially cooked and caramelized are high in carbs.

We’ll eat the roast for a few nights and then save some of the meat to shred for beef taco salads to which I’ll add a small amount of meat along with avocado and numerous diced vegetables.  Tom will add cheese, onions, olives, and tomatoes.  

We hope you’ll have a delectable breakfast today and a divine Sunday dinner.
Photo from one year ago today, July 28, 2018:
We had a full moon party in Marloth Park and got this shot of the “blood moon” from the veranda.  What a sight!  For more, please click here.