Stuff happens…Plans change…

A catamaran at the pier.

Today, we’d planned to go to Kaanapali Beach for the day, after we finished posting here.  In close touch with family, today I want to be nearby for a Skype call regarding a beloved family member’s serious medical issue. That call trumps all else.

As a result, we won’t have photos from Kaanapali Beach until I feel more at ease not being available by Skype for my family.  No matter where we may be, life goes on and the trials and tribulations of daily life continue, perhaps harder when we’re so far away.

An old boat awaiting restoration or the junk yard.

Then again, in our old lives, all of our family members didn’t live nearby.  Instead of a Skype call, it was a call on a scratchy cell phone, the signal often less clear than on Skype, but the significance of being there for one another was always as clear as day.

That hasn’t changed in our travels.  Love continues on.  We worry.  We wait. We anticipate.  Our hearts still ache with concern and sorrow for those we love wherever they may be, whatever they may need and however we may be there for them, as close as a computer click away.

The Maalaea Beach Marina on a cloudy day.

And moments later, there’s a familiar face on the computer screen and a familiar voice knowing that we are together once again and can be loving and supportive in good times and bad.

As we often write here, health and emotional well being is vital for happiness. Whatever one must do, however difficult, must be done to maintain and grow our own highest level of health and strength.

An invitation to s fishing expedition.

But, us human are imperfect.  We’re not like a flower, give it water and sunshine and it will flourish.  Many of life’s challenges stand in our way.  Many of our own inequities and lack of willingness to stay strong stands in our way.

And then, there are those situations that are beyond our control when we’re held captive to an illness, injury or circumstance at which point our only control is how we respond to the graveness of our situation and how much we’re able to fight back.

The expanse of the oceans the islands and sky never fail to inspire.

Who am I to know the answers?  I’m not more qualified than the next person.  But, I do know one thing…we can never give up.  In doing so, we release the power to cope, to grow, to change and ultimately, to heal.

So, this morning, I run out for a quick visit to the store in Kihei for a few grocery items, returning in plenty of time for the call with the time difference in mind and praying for a good outcome.

A waning moon lighting the sky and sea.

With that, I’ll close for today to be back tomorrow, hopefully, a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser and ready to tackle whatever Life throws our way.

Have a good day!

Photo from one year ago today, November 10, 2013:

Puffer fish is deadly if not cleaned properly.  Luckily, this puffer fish was fried with batter so I wasn’t tempted to try it.  Puffer is the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world after the Golden Poison Frog, the most venomous creature known to humans.  For details of that date, please click here.

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