Remembering…Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

“Do you have any carrots?”

“Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland”  
“Since the foundation of the Irish Free State in 1922, the Irish harp has been the official emblem of Ireland, not the shamrock which is more commonly used.”

What is the quality of life we strive to achieve when at any moment, we can start over again to create a better life? Our lives are a compilation of memories, from moment to moment, day to day, and year to year.
A ruin with a tin roof.

And, yet many of us suffer a degree of angst over what we could have done, should have done, and what we should do in the future.  Often, this angst is precipitated by the needs, wants, and perceptions of others.

At other times, we experience stress and worry placed upon ourselves when our preconceived notions supersede our past and present decisions, many of which provide us with joy and fulfillment.
View across the bay.

The magic of free will, which a portion of the world is blessed to possess, allows us to make choices. Each choice we make, whether we’re aware of it or not, is driven by something deep within us that even we may not fully understand.

Readers frequently write to us, suggesting what we “should” be doing in any country, sites we “should see,” restaurants where we should be dining.  
Another example of vegetation-covered ruins.

In many cases, these excellent and thoughtful suggestions are taken seriously, and we may pursue our thoughtful reader’s well-intentioned recommendations. Thank you for writing, and please continue to do so. 

But, for us, the reality remains, we do exactly what we want to do, taking the word “should” out of our vocabulary and replacing it with “shall we do this?”  Together we decide. At times, we may not agree, but each of us will make our case for and against and, the stronger case wins.
Cattle in the pasture next to our driveway.
And then, our lives roll out, building memories that will last a lifetime, that based on this website, we’ll always be able to recall from the thousands of posts we’ve done here. We look back almost every day.

The magic of our lives is the opportunity we’ve had to play a role, however, small, in the lives of those who dream of traveling or have traveled. Through our posts, some of our readers may find comfort; share in the joy of adventure; acquire the satisfaction of a curiosity: or merely seek enjoyment in the often mundane meanderings of two world travelers who made a difficult decision to leave everything behind to explore the world.
This brown cow often stands when we drive by.

Each day, we’re building memories, whether profound or straightforward, leaving us with a sense of fulfillment and challenge, more than we ever dreamed possible in this life.  

Thank you, dear readers, for “traveling” with us.                      

Photo from one year ago today, July 13, 2018:
We couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted this elephant digging a hole to access water in the ground below.  Please take a moment to watch our video at the top of the page. For more photos, please click here.

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