Photos from the Panama Canal transit…

Our ship, the Celebrity Century as in went under the Bridge of the Americas, soon to be demolished in 2014 when the new locks open in 2014. A newer bridge, the Centennial Bridge, will be considerably higher to accommodate huge ships.
Here are our a few of our photos of the Panama Canal. What a day we had! We are humbled by the ingenuity to design and build the canal almost 100 years ago and deeply respect the thousands of lives given and lost for this mind-boggling undertaking.
A container freighter ahead of us in line to enter the first set of locks, the Miraflores Locks
This morning we docked in the city of Colon, Panama.  Soon, we’ll venture off the ship to walk around the charming little town, reporting back later what we’ve seen.
The opening of one of the double set of gates at the locks.
The past five nights, we’ve been dining at group shared tables, meeting new people each night.  We’ve had a blast. It was such fun to share the transit of the canal with many of them up in the Hemisphere Bar, with front row seats for the ten plus hours we maintained our seats. 
Another freighter ahead of us in line at the locks.
Yesterday, we watched the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean and then set in the Atlantic Ocean.  This experience is only possible in a 12-hour time frame or less, by water, at the Panama Canal. 
Here I am perched atop our viewing area at the bow of the ship, in air-conditioned comfort.  We reserved these excellent seats at 5:15 am!
We were exhausted after an early start on the long day of Panama Canal viewing, but joyful and grateful for the experience.  All we needed was a good night’s sleep.

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