Our two year anniversary of traveling the world…An interesting morsel from a reader…Happy Halloween to all!

As we drove down the highway, we spotted a dirt road leading to what we thought was a lighthouse. After a distance on the bumpy dirt road our hopes we dashed when we saw this was a microwave or cell tower of some type. In any case, the scene was lovely.

Today, it is our two year anniversary since leaving Minnesota. In one way, it’s hard to believe it’s been two years and yet in another, it seems like yesterday.

Time seems to fly in by in either segments of exquisite adventure or while involved in gentle contemplation, deep in thought, individually, and together we consider how far we’ve come.

In the heat of the day, these grapefruit sure looked cool and refreshing. Believe it or not, one grapefruit without sugar added, has 16 grams of sugar, 40% as much as a can of Coke. Click here for details. Sure, the grapefruit is better, but sugar is sugar. See a Dr. Robert Lustig video on sugar here.

As I spend every afternoon deep into the revisions of past posts, now almost halfway through, I relive each experience, day by day, working my way through each photo, each entry, each challenge, and each resolution.

Last evening before dark, Tom and I walked to a park at the end of the road. As we walked we spoke of how wonderful it is to be able to go back and relive each day through words and photos. 

This appeared to be a variety of artichoke.

Currently, with almost 250,000 readers worldwide, growing each day (please forward our link to your friends to help us grow our site), that we so much appreciate. We’re in awe of their dedication to following us. If it were just us, writing and posting for ourselves, we’d still treasure (although not as much) that which we’ve documented almost each and every day.

At any time, we can search the archives to jog our memory as to date, an experience, or a resolution to a problem. Oddly, we seem to remember more than we’d ever expected by having documented it in the first place. Being able to verify the past, makes it all the more meaningful and memorable.

As much as I love fresh coconut, it’s just too hard to open. The cut halves in the grocery stores lose their moisture and flavor sitting out on display.

Add the fact that many of our readers reach out to us via comments at the end of a post or by email, we feel the joy of knowing that out there in the world, readers are traveling along with us in their hearts and minds, at times, finding comfort in knowing that the mundane aspects of our lives are not unlike our own.  Us humans, we’re kind of alike, aren’t we?

We cherish the fact that some of our readers find a little comfort and enjoyment reading our posts to discover that we aren’t so unique after all, although at first glance, we may seem so.

This rooster was strutting around showing off his pretty plumage at the vegetable stand.

This morning, I lumbered out of bed and pulled the sheets and pillowcases with me in order to wash the week-old bedding, a very “normal” activity. A moment later, I was sitting at my laptop searching for safaris in Australia after seeing a History Channel documentary a few days ago on wildlife in the Outback perhaps a little less than a “normal” activity. Our lives, barren of stuff, enables us to consider such possibilities for which we’re very grateful. 

We’ll be on our way to Australia and the South Pacific for over a year, in a little less than seven months. A few days ago while I sat entranced by the prehistoric-looking animals that wander the deserts in the Outback, I took out the bucket tossing in an Outback safari. I was hooked. It’s hot, arid, and dangerous. But now, after our past experiences, we feel we can handle it in the hands of a competent and knowledgeable guide.

At the Maalaea Beach Marina. Our condo building is on the far right across the bay.

Recently, I started communicating with Staci, a reader who stumbled across our website through CruiseCritic.com. As mentioned in a past post, we’ll be on the same cruise on April 12, 2016, from Sydney to Perth, Australia for a period of 16 days. How funny we connected! How small the world becomes through online communication!

She commented at the end of the post of October 29, 2014, which I quote here with her permission, in the event any of our readers may have missed her comment.

Staci writes:

“These are great pictures! I love the one of the tree on the beach.

I am still wrapping my head around the concept that you aren’t on “permanent vacation” but rather on a “planet-wide living arrangement” When you were writing about the blog post-correction project I briefly thought “Wow, shame they couldn’t wait to tackle that after they got….wait, they ARE home!” Projects don’t disappear just because your address changes every few months, do they!

Thank you for your commitment to taking us along your journey. It is a treat to see the sights, even from a computer. “

Staci’s words made us giggle over her perfect description of our travels as a “planet-wide living arrangement.”  Well said, Staci! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, in fact, we never did. So, if I may, we’ll use this phrase from time to time to better explain that we aren’t on vacation. We’re living. Thank you, Staci. We love having you “with us” and can’t wait to meet you in person aboard the ship in 18 months.

Who would possibly want to tackle this nightmare?

Today on our two year anniversary, where last year we celebrated on a three-day respite in Kenya to a resort on the Indian Ocean, we do a low key day. Keeping tight reins on our funds in the event we all have to stay in hotels for weeks eating out each meal (on our dime, as promised) should the lava impede our plans, we play low key today. 

Do we go sightseeing today ending at a nice restaurant for dinner? Or do we stay put watching the news on the volcano enabling me to correct another month of posts which takes me from three to five hours? The dinner, we’ll do for sure.

A closer view of our condo building across the bay from the marina.

We’ll decide after our visit to the pool. There’s a couple of what appear to be lovely restaurants we’d like to try tonight located in the nearby Maui Ocean Center which may be perfect for celebrating our special day; Year Two…the World. 

Thanks to Tom, my dear husband and travel companion, whose courage, determination, and pension make our continuing travels possible. Plus, he carries the heavy stuff!

May your Halloween be safe and filled with ghoulish laughter! 

                                           Photo from one year ago today, October 31, 2013:

Ugh! I don’t like posting photos of myself. It seems so self-serving. I’m always complaining as to how the photo came out. Tom, on the other hand, blind love, encourages me to be visible to our readers. So, here is a revealing photo of me from one year ago today as we wandered on the beach on the Indian Ocean. Gee…I wish I still had that suit (in new condition). The elastic was all stretched out making it was easy to put on. But, it didn’t look so hot around the butt with no elastic. I tossed it to further lighten the load. For more photos of our three-day respite from the veranda in Kenya, please click here.

Comments and responses Our two year anniversary of traveling the world…An interesting morsel from a reader…Happy Halloween to all!

  1. Staci Finch Thompson Reply

    Happy first day of the 3rd year of your travels! I hope you all had a lovely dinner. The photos, as always, are lovely – I loved the one of the boat.

    You may certainly adopt that phrase as your own any time. And the safari sounds fascinating! Can't wait to see how that turns out!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Gee, thanks Staci. When you say first day of our third year, it seems so long. We love it! And thanks for your kind comments about the photos. Learning to take good photos is a work in progress. I don't care to spend time taking courses on it or reading "how to's," so its a trial and error process.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Glad your pizza turned out well! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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