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When we were at the park, we spotted this bird, a Red Crested Cardinal

Yesterday, we were a little sidetracked from posting more Lahaina photos when we reported on the lava flow from Mount Kilauea. We’re constantly watching local news for the latest updates. It looks like the first house in the village of Pahoa will be taken by the lava today, miles from the houses we’ve rented which will be shown on the local and world news.

Tom couldn’t resist buying fudge. But, would you believe he purchased the plain fudge when all these fabulous flavors were available? He ate it in one day (it was a small piece). Now back to healthy eating.


Tom drooled over the saltwater taffy but resisted when he spotted the fudge.

The local officials will allow the homeowners to stay to watch their home be consumed by the lava and go up in flames, enabling them to make peace with the process. How heart-wrenching! The people of Hawaii are very sensitive, spiritual, and thoughtful. The local news is informative, tender, and caring, not sensationalizing this situation at all.

I walked past this store without the slightest interest in looking around. Living simple is a learned art. I’m learning.

A popular restaurant in Lahaina, Bubba Gump.

We feel fortunate that we have the time to make a decision by November 15th at which point we’ll have to decide if we’ll pay the balance of our deposits. If we decide to go forward and if the hazard continues to the houses, we have no doubt we’ll be refunded the entire monies we’ve paid if we have to bail closer to move-in dates. The two owners are lovely people and would never take advantage of us.

Many restaurants in Lahaina are “open-air” as is the case in most of Hawaii.

In a way, this is yet another part of the amazing experiences that we’ve added to our ongoing world travels. Who, in their lifetime, has to face the ravages of volcanic lava upsetting their plans? Our grandchildren will speak of this for years, as well as many of the other challenges we’ve met.

Here’s a familiar spot!

For us, the inconvenience is nothing compared to the homeowners who’ve had to move everything they own out of their houses, find other places to live, and watch their homes destroyed by this situation over which they have no control. 

On the return drive to Maalaea Beach, we stopped at a park and campground.

Many of these homeowners live in homes owned by generations of family, many have rented homes for years, treating them as if they were their own. Even if the homeowners are insured, it may be prohibitive to rebuild when not only will they lose the house, but they’ll also lose the land to the lava, which becomes a permanent resident for centuries to come.

The beaches on the return drive are beautiful.

We’ll figure it out. And, we’ll continue to keep our family members and readers updated on the latest developments as they transpire. Again, we thank our readers for thoughtful email and comments with your kindness and concern.

We continue on…

                                           Photo from one year ago today, October 28, 2013:

Last year, we posted this photo of our dinner plates made with low carb, grain, sugar, and starch free coconut chicken including the complete, easy recipe.  Please click here for the recipe and details.



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