Making new friends while enjoying old friends…

When we returned from the party, we were greeted by these two giraffes in our driveway, appearing to be a mom and youngster. This photo was taken through the wet windshield.

What an enjoyable time we had at Leon’s birthday party yesterday. It was predicted to rain during the day, and it drizzled off and on. But the outdoor area by the pool and ground floor veranda at Jabula Lodge and Restaurant had several covered areas, and none of us got wet.

What we encountered as we neared our driveway. As soon as we were closer, she moved onto the driveway, blocking our way.

We arrived by 1:00 pm, 1300 hrs, and we were back on our way home by 5:30, 1740 hrs, thrilled and surprised to find two giraffes in a driveway when we arrived, as shown in the photos in the main photo and the photos below. We waited patiently while they moved into the bush, allowing us to get to the house. Who goes home from a party to find giraffes in their driveway?

They noticed we were trying to get through and moved into the bush while we waited patiently.

The food looked delicious. Tom was thrilled to savor some of the “pig on a spit,” but I am just about ready to give up eating pork, as mentioned in a prior post. It makes me think of warthogs, and we all know how much I love pigs as characters, not so much as food.

I’ll still make pork tenderloins and pork chops for Tom while I have something different on those nights. Based on my way of eating, I’ll never give up meat. If I did, I’d have to go back to high-carb vegetarian foods, and that would never work for me. It would raise my blood sugar and blood pressure, and that’s a disaster for my health and arterial disease.

An orange-billed and a black-billed oxpecker peeking out over a kudu’s back.

Also served at yesterday’s buffet was beef brisket. I ate a few bites off Tom’s plate and a delicious Greek salad. Of course, that wasn’t enough of a meal for me. When we got home later, I had two small avocado halves stuffed with prawn salad on a bed of crispy greens. Later on, I ate some nori sheets high in iodine, which I’m supplementing through my diet.

Impalas, typically very shy, came by for a visit.

We sat at a picnic table on the veranda with Rita and Gerhard. Tom added mashed potatoes and garlic buttered pao bread to his plate of pork and brisket. Of course, he went back for seconds on the bread. However, we mingled with other guests throughout the day and ran into some people we already knew.

I can’t help but say this over and over again. People in Marloth Park are friendlier than anywhere we’ve been in the world. At times, we have a whirlwind social life, and we enjoy every moment. Tom met a wonderful couple, Carol and Colin, whose house the four of us will visit next week for sundowners.

Bossy, always stands out in a crowd.

Then, we spent time with Sindee (husband Bruce), who’d kindly invited us to Christmas dinner. I asked them to join us for the casual gathering we’re hosting at Jabula for my 74th birthday on February 20. We didn’t want to make a big deal this year since next year, for my 75th birthday (God willing), we’ll be back here for a more significant celebration for that seemingly milestone year.

Right now, our calendar is filling up with upcoming events throughout the week. On Wednesday, Rita and I are going to the local spa for pedicures, followed by a massage for her. I don’t care for massages. I never have and will be happy to have a pedicure once again.

 Notice Little in the bottom right of this photo. He always shows up in this same spot for his pellets and idle human and pig chatter.

On Thursday morning, Rita and I are going to Stoep Cafe in Komatipoort for breakfast and “girl talk.” A few hours later, Tom will come to Komati, where he and I will have our teeth cleaned, followed by a trip to Spar Market for grocery shopping. Friday night, we’ll all be back at Jabula for dinner.

We love being out and about with activities and friends. But, we also love the special times we spend on the veranda at our bush house with all of our animal friends who never fail to entertain us. After all, in approximately 53 days, we’ll be on our way to Florida to stay with our newlywed friends, Karen and Rich, at their oceanfront property in Apollo Beach, before embarking on the transatlantic cruise to the UK. Life is good.

Have a safe and happy day.

Photo from one year ago today, February 7, 2021:

Mongooses came up to the door to ask for some eggs. For more, please click here.

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