Little Johnny and his mom Jasmine…Bye, bye, slimy black worms!!!…Errors on posts…

Look at this adorable little boy bushbuck, whom we named Little Johnny. His mother is Jasmine. We name all female bushbucks after flowers and plants.

It’s so exciting that the slimy, black worm infestation is finally over. I can now sit outdoors without worms falling on me and without carrying them into the house on my shoes. Nor do I have to worry about going to the kitchen barefoot at night, stepping on stray worms that wandered into the house with the doors open. What a relief!

This morning I was lazy and lounged in the bedroom later than usual. There was no urgency to get up, especially with no animals in the garden. I watched a few episodes of Naked and Afraid on my phone until I finally got up to begin my day. After showering, dressing, and getting ready for the day, doing my usual routine, I was ready to make my mug of iced coffee and breakfast.

It feels odd that it’s Sunday. I’ve never liked Sundays since I associate them with going to school on Mondays when I was a kid and later as an adult, facing the responsibilities of owning/running a business all of those years when I worked so hard. Somehow, I’ve never been able to totally shake that feeling, even though I retired many moons ago.

Now, with Tom still in the US, with only three days until he returns, I’m a little out of sorts, wondering what today will bring. I expect it to be a very quiet day without transportation and no plans whatsoever.  Louise and Danie invited me tomorrow for a “lamb on the braai” dinner at their lovely home down the road. As much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy the lamb, their companionship will be the biggest attraction.

With the camera next to my laptop, I’m hoping more wildlife will stop by, enabling me to take more photos. The only other wildlife I’ve seen this morning, besides Jasmine and Little Johnny, are Hoppie’s Mom and her two pesky piglets. There are always a few impalas here and there, but I seldom take their photos with them being so prolific.

Yesterday, Tom and I spoke twice, once before Sindee picked me up to go to Jabula and then again after I returned to the house in the evening. He’s been proofreading the posts each day but had been busy with family and hadn’t had time to read yesterday’s post. In the previous days, we’d been able to go over the corrections together while I made the adjustments accordingly.

Jasmine and Little Johnny stopped by this morning.

When we talked last night after I returned to the house, he pointed out some errors, and one particular error made us laugh out loud. I meant to say “as” at the beginning of a paragraph, and instead, I typed “ass.” We giggled over my gross error as well as the countless other errors I’d made.

It’s funny how I will read and reread each day’s post before publishing it. I use a spell-checking and grammar app, Grammarly, to review each post and make the suggested corrections. Invariably, it misses at least six errors each day, errors I also missed after reading and rereading it several times. It’s the nature of the beast. (No pun intended).

Somehow, Tom manages to pick up most of the errors when he reads it after I post it online. But, as good as he is at this, he, too, can miss a few remaining errors. Often, when I look back at posts, I see new errors. I often wonder if old errors magically reappear.

As it turns out, over the years of writing a new post daily, I resigned myself to this reality…errors will remain on some posts. I dare anyone to write a new story 365 days a year for over ten years without leaving some errors in their wake. If I were to spend more time preparing the posts, I suppose I could post them in near-perfect condition. But, I already spend a half of each day working on posts, including photos, so I don’t know if I’d be able to maintain my level of passion for doing this. It’s the price I must pay.

I kindly ask each of our readers to understand my position and bear with some missed errors on posts, knowing that we wish they could be perfect. For us, perfection comes in the desire to continue to share our lives with those who choose to continue to read about our lives, whether it is interesting or mundane or anything in the middle. Thank you, dear readers, for accepting our realities, whatever they may be.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, March 12, 2022:

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