It was a dark and dreary day…Who knew they would come?


This is what awaited us when we went back onto the veranda.

The air was thick with humidity.  It sprinkled off and on.  A breeze picked up as we began feeling moisture clinging to our skin. We ventured inside grudgingly, worrying more about our equipment getting wet than ourselves.

They were as curious about us as we were them.

Our daily watch for visitors has become a playful and enticing pursuit, one filled with excitement and anticipation to see who in Mother Nature’s wonderland will grace us with their presence. 

Each zebra’s stripe pattern was as unique as each human’s fingerprint.

Once inside, we played Gin, with eyes peeled to the living room window every other moment in hopes of more visitors. The windows in the kitchen which could provide us with the best view are too high to see out, built to avoid rambunctious monkeys from eyeballing their potential “loot”. 

This guy stood under the carport for quite some time, watching over the other males.

Another zebra decided to try the carport spot while others looked on.


As a result, there isn’t a perfect spot in the house to easily see outside to the area where the wildlife most often gathers. It’s comparable to watching a ballgame while standing atop of one’s car with binoculars.  Not quite the same.

Sharing the vegetation.

Sitting on the main veranda provides the perfect view. Subsequently, we’ve been outside during daylight hours since arriving, a week ago today. Without a doubt, this will be our spot even when the summer heats kicks in, which as of yet hasn’t happened.

This guy decided to check out the garden and braai.
While playing Gin, Tom commented, “The sun is trying to come out and its beating on my back through the window. Let’s go back outside.” In my determination to finally beat Tom (I didn’t), I’d lost track of the outdoors for only a few minutes.
“Nothing like a drink of fresh rainwater from the fire pit.”

The moment we stepped outside onto the veranda, cards, scorecard, pen, and camera in hand, there they were, right in front of us, standing at the railing as if waiting for us, all six of them, all boys. A breath caught in my throat. All I could say was, “It’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable.” Tom couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face. 

“Now, I’ll try this pool water. Nah, not so good. It kind of tastes like bleach.”

In respect for their space, we stayed behind the railing on the veranda letting them wander about without fear.  After all, this is their home. We’re the “visitors.” They stayed for over an hour content to munch on the grass and other vegetation, content to look at us, making eye contact that flipped my heart over in my chest.

Several of them used the tree branches to scratch themselves. 

I used the high pitched voice, gently, lovingly and they responded, ears flicking back and forth, hooves tapping the ground playfully. Had I died and gone to Heaven? This place, these creatures, all of God’s making, here in front of us. Would these gentle creatures suddenly grow wings and take flight?

Moments before this big boy peed, another boy had peed on this same spot. The big boy came over, sniffing the ground and peed on the same spot. This is similar behavior we’d observed in the past among our male dogs. Territorial marking. 

When they decided it was time to move on, the large male leader needed only to begin the hike up the dirt drive and they all followed suit. We weren’t sad to see them go. Certainly, they’ll be back. And, of course, we’ll be waiting for them.

Nothing like a little brotherly love.
“Let’s go for the hug instead of the kiss. It’s more manly!”


2 thoughts on “It was a dark and dreary day…Who knew they would come?

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Your dark and dreary day seemed to end with a burst of sunshine in these adorable zebra photos! They look like they are right at home. My favorite picture is number 3 where you talk about the stripes being so unique. In that picture, it looks like the zebra is looking through a window right at me; so cute. Of course, the hugging zebras are really cute also. Your photography is outstanding, as usual.

    Our weekend has been low key. I do not go out Christmas shopping on the weekend, I leave that to everyone who has to work during the week.

    Sunday is always my favorite day of the week. We go to Church from 9:15 am to 12:00 pm and then out to lunch with our daughter and sometimes couples from Church. Then I would do my usual jobs but lately I have decided that Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. So today, after lunch and doing my daily chores, I started the gas log in the living room fireplace and sat and read a book while Dan and Chris watched the football game. Since the temperature is in the low teens, the fire felt really good. In the evening, we watched the finale of the Amazing Race with a blazing real log fire in the family room fireplace. The team I was pulling for won the race, yeah for Amy and Jason.

    So even a casual day at home can be rewarding!!

    Looking forward to seeing your next visitors. You are so blessed to be experiencing these wonders of God's great creation.


  2. Jessica Reply

    Pat, we're thrilled that you enjoyed the Zebra photos. As I sit here and write back to you, the 6 of them returned this morning, leaving a few minutes ago. We couldn't have been more thrilled to see them again. In time, they will know us.

    Glad to hear you had some relaxing time. Sundays afternoons are perfect for down time. As I look back, I wished I wouldn't have constantly been doing things and spent more time for myself. But, I'm sure making up for it now!

    Have a wonderful Monday. Didn't you used to despise Mondays when you had to work? Now they are just like any other pleasant day of the week. At times, we have to look at a calendar to verify the day of the week. We love that!

    Warmest regards,

    Jess & Tom

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