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A tower of five giraffes on the road in Marloth Park.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

Lots of bushbabies on the stand.

In yesterday’s post, I stated we hadn’t had a power or water outage in the past week or two commenting I shouldn’t say such a thing or it will happen.  Alas, this morning, we have no water.  Go figure.

It’s hard to imagine that I will be able to fly a week from today.  The pain in my leg is still challenging, especially after getting up in the morning when I lie in the same position all night long, now on my left side.

As the day wears on, it seems to feel a little better but now that the doctors insist I started walking again, it’s more painful than ever.  Yesterday, I only managed to get in 20 minutes of walking.  
Moments later there were seven giraffes.

It’s not that I’m not tough and can’t take the pain.  It’s more so that my left leg won’t cooperate and I risk falling if I walk more than the 20 minutes, in two 10-minute increments.  I can’t put my foot flat on the floor and one can only walk so far, unaided while tiptoeing.  Need I say, this is a bit frustrating.

Last night, (time difference), I called the airline to request disability handling during the three flights which will include a wheelchair at each of the airports.    The hardest part will be getting up the stairs to the small plane in Nelspruit and then down the steep narrow steps when the plane lands in Johannesburg.  I’ll need help on either side of me since steps are difficult to navigate.

Giraffes in the bush in the neighborhood.

We’ve yet to receive a visa extension but we’re bringing all the documents necessary to substantiate the reason for our late exit.  We’re hoping this doesn’t delay us in Johannesburg and cause us to miss our next flight when there is only has a 90-minute layover. 

I’ll have to pack dinner for myself since the airline won’t have any types of foods I can eat at the dinner service.  Based on the fact, I’m flying business class, the meal might be upgraded but I doubt there will be anything I can eat.  

Mom and four piglets when they were newborns.  Now, they are almost full-sized and spirited and come to visit almost every day.

Normally, the food situation doesn’t bother me at all but this time it’s a little different…I need to eat high amounts of protein each day.  Thus, I’ll have my protein smoothie before we leave for the airport and bring along a few hard boiled eggs and some nuts to hold me over.  After all, it’s only one 24-hour period.
The boys are here cleaning the house now but once they leave I am going to pack my main suitcase and get that out of the way.  All I’ll leave out will be clothes to wear the next several days including travel day which we’ll wash every other day.  

Big Daddy by candlelight.

We’ll pack the third of our three suitcases with the toiletries next Saturday for our afternoon departure and our few carry on bags.  This time we’re lightening our load and will only have the three bags and two carryon bags each.  Based on my flying business class we won’t have to pay for excess baggage since I’m allowed two checked bags at no extra cost.

I’ve completed logging all the receipts and only have a small amount to scan which I’ll do this weekend.  I’m leaving all the spices and condiments in the cupboards, per Louise’s suggestion, only bringing a few items that will be hard to find.  There are a few bags of clothing we’ll pass on to the boys for their large families and miscellaneous items they may be able to use. 

This is a grouping of those dangerous caterpillars that can cause a severe reaction if they come in contact with humans or animals.

I’ve wondered how I will be able to pack when it’s hard to stand and maneuver.  I still have the walker for a few more days and it has an ample-sized basket I can load with clothing.  

Tom will place the open suitcase on the bed and I’ll be able to sit while I fold and pack the items. Tom would be more than willing to pack for me but I want to go through the items to ensure I don’t bring anything I can’t use.  

The same caterpillars as shown above making a contiguous “train” as they make their way from the veranda to the garden.  The local workers refer to these as “the devil.”

The only clothing items I’ve accumulated while here were warm pajamas and a few sweaters which I’ll be able to use in Ireland where it’s cool in the summer and in Minnesota in November where it will be very cold.  I’m certain I’ll be grateful to have those few items on hand.

Hopefully, by the end of today, I’ll have the bulk of my packing completed and the accompanying peace of mind.  Again, today and over the next several days we’ll be eating the food we have left in the refrigerator/freezer, the chest freezer, and the cupboards.  It appears we may have enough to get us through until we leave.  
Female giraffes have hair on the end of their ossicones.  The hair on the end of the male’s ossicones becomes worn off from fighting for dominance.

Have a pleasant weekend!


Photo from one year ago today, May 4, 2018:

This sweet mom bushbuck is warm and friendly, having won the hearts of many residents in the park including us.  For more photos, please click here.

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