Holiday party tonight…Five lions need to go…

We’d hope for a better photo of the ostrich family, but dad, mom, and chicks hurried across the road, leaving little time to get good photos.

Commonly, social events are planned at the last minute in Marloth Park. It makes sense to plan social events last minute with frequent power outages, water outages (we had a 24-hour water outage this week), and unpredictable inclement weather. Thus, tonight we are attending a sundowner party with starters instead of a full dinner, which is hard to do in this heat.

Plus, it makes sense for all guests to bring a dish to share, which we’ll prepare today to get to the 6:00 pm, 1800 hrs event. Since we usually have dinner around that time, today we’ll have a late breakfast of bacon and eggs that will hold us. I ended up canceling tonight’s dinner at Jabula with a reservation for tomorrow night, Saturday, instead.

If we don’t feel like cooking on Sunday, we may go back to Jabula for another dinner. We’re running low on groceries and plan to head to Komatipoort early next week. The small freezer is still reasonably full, but the refrigerator section is practically bare.

Dad proudly strutted across the road with his four huge chicks and mom trailing behind.

At the moment, at 11:00 am, It’s already 90F, 32C with high humidity. We’re sitting outdoors on the veranda while sweating profusely. Zef and Vusi are here cleaning the house. We don’t envy them for their hard work in cleaning Louise’s many rentals as more and more visitors come to the park for the holiday season.

Last night, there was a notice on Facebook about residents and tourists assisting rangers and animal wardens in locating the FIVE lions sighted in Marloth Park. Apparently, for their safety and ours, they must be captured and removed from Marloth Park. Here is a newspaper article about the lions entering Marloth Park:

Here is the post we read on Facebook last night from a Marloth Park group:

“Gerrie Camacho, the MTPA Carnivore Scientist, requests the help, assistance, and cooperation of everybody in Marloth Park to aid in the capture of the lions as fast as possible. The capturing and removal of the lions are extremely difficult due to the number of people in Marloth and the strategic planning of the ground crews and the on-site vet, whose time is precious! Unfortunately, the lions have to be removed as per the rules, law, and general safety of everybody! It is also in the best interest of the lions as they need to be captured alive and removed!
PLEASE everybody let’s help the team with any sightings to immediately contact Nadine, Security, the Rangers, or myself so that we don’t waste any time. We will be kept in the loop as far as what happens after their safe capture and removal.
Once again, we ask everyone, including Lodge owners, guests, clients, visitors, and permanent residents, to report ANY sightings of the lions as soon as possible!
CPF, Security, Carnivore team, MTPA, and Rangers.”
We spotted several other giraffes, but they were hidden in the dense vegetation.
Many members of various Facebook groups have stated, “Let the lions stay!”
We understand some locals desire to keep the lions in the park. They offer added excitement and adventure and may be instrumental in reducing night break-ins which are rampant right now.
But we also see why it’s essential to remove the lions with the busy holiday season upon us. Many visitors have no regard for curfews and often let their kids walk and ride bikes on the roads and along the river. No one wants to tarnish the beauty and wonder of Marloth Park with an adult or child being attacked by a lion.
Also, if such a horrific event transpired, the lions may have to be euthanized. They are here just doing what they do in their natural habitat, hunt and kill, which while in Kruger or another national park, is generally safe for them. After all, they are at the top of the pecking order, “The King  or Queen of the Jungle.”
Yesterday, we took a short drive to where they’d last been spotted. But seeing them during daylight hours is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. Many others have driven around the park looking for them but spotting them is more of a fluke than anything. They are elusive and cautious.
A few days ago, we posted by Melissa, who stumbled upon them, able to capture several photos. You may see her photos here at this link.
That’s it for today, folks. We’ll be back with more tomorrow, hopefully with some photos from tonight’s party. See you then!
Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, December 10, 2020:

This photo was posted one year ago while in lockdown in a hotel in Mumbai, India, on day #262. A boulevard scene in Arica, Chile. For more photos, please click here.

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