Foggy day in the islands…More fabulous photos from more outings on the Big Island…

Tom and Jayden walking to a secluded scenic spot we stumbled upon.

This morning upon awakening, we were surprised to see a heavy fog over the sea this morning. For the first day since arriving, I wasn’t able to drink my mug of tea after one mug of Kona coffee. I’m sweating up a storm in the humid air, although the temperature is only 68 degrees at the moment.

As much as we love sandy beaches, we’re acquiring an affinity for the dark lava rock shoreline.

Each morning before opening the windows, Tom uses the hose to wash the salt off of all of the windows off of the ocean side of the house, allowing us to see outside. It’s odd to see how the sea salt sticks to everything, ultimately damaging most surfaces.

A narrow road close to the shore.

Also, before we go out for the day, he does the same to the car windows which also get covered in salt. We’ve found that water alone is best for removing salt. We know how easily salt dissolves in water.

With the high level of spirituality in the islands, many cemeteries are unique awe-inspiring.

With financial matters to attend to today along with the inclement weather, Tom and I plan to stay put. Most likely TJ and family will take off for a few hours for the opposite side of the island to check it out giving them time to shop for trinkets and check out what they’d like without us tagging along.

Caves pop up frequently in the rocks, often used by drifters to drink and sleep.

Yesterday afternoon, we all piled in the car, heading to the local community pool. Unfortunately, the pool doesn’t have any lawn chairs so we loaded the minivan with two plastic chairs for Sarah and I to lounge by the pool while Tom, TJ, and Jayden hung out in the cold water of the unheated pool. Nik was uninterested in the pool and stayed behind.

Frequently, TJ takes videos to post on FB.

There’s no fee to use the community pool which surprised us. With a great additional “keiki” (small children in Hawaii) pool, it will be fun to bring the four other grandchildren to the pool on nice days.

It appears that at the tail end of the obscure roads we take as we explore, we end at the ocean on the Big Island.
From time to time, we spot an area where flowers and plants have been newly planted as a memorial to a lost loved one.

Today, we share more photos from our many outings on the islands. There’s never a shortage of scenery on the islands, wherever we may travel. Taking photos is a fabulous way to keep those memories alive for many years to come.

Another pretty shoreline.
The combination of sea and trees outlining a scene creates an appealing photo op.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers. Thank you so much for sharing our ongoing journey with us, however may mundane our days be at times. Of course, we’ll be back with more photos and details of our continuing outings and adventures on the Big Island.

                                            Photo from one year ago today, December 12, 2013:

It was on this date one year ago today, that we had eight sets of visitors in one day. We couldn’t have been more excited. For more photos, please click here.

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