Exploring our area…We’ll never run out of sights to see…What an island dream come true…More new friends…

The mountains exhibit a hazy cast even on sunny days most likely as a result of low lying clouds and humidity from vegetation.

Were we asked to choose the most beautiful island we’ve seen so far in our travels, there’s no doubt we’d have to say Kauai. There is no tropical island we’ve seen that compares.

This sign was posted between residential properties as a small park that provided access to the above views.

Of course, there are the distracting points; traffic, tourists, lines, and “reservations required.” But, we can live with all of that over these next four months.

This tiny park with an expansive view consisted of the benches on the left and rough terrain access to the valley below to the right of the little hut.

We have no doubt that we’ll never run out of photos to share. One needs only to drive down what appears to be a dead-end road to find views.  Jumping in the car for even a short drive we’ve found wondrous new scenery awaiting us.

To the far left is a private residence with many signs posting, “private property.”

I supposed now is as good a time as any to be in Kauai. Oddly, from what I recall 30 years ago, it’s not that much busier now than it was back then. And certainly, it’s not busier than it was on the other three Hawaiian islands we’ve recently visited: Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Down an unexpected road, we stumbled upon this view.

We’re already spoiled living in the lush and exquisite area of Princeville. The area was so well planned that each building, each venue, and each point of interest takes advantage of the surrounding natural beauty.

A narrow river ran through this valley, lush with greenery.

Taking a drive around the entire island isn’t easy in Kauai as shown in the above map without taking many out of the way roads. But, we look forward to exploring during our many months on the island.

In the interim, we’re reveling in our surroundings, often in awe when making the shortest of trips. Since joining the Makai Golf Club a few days ago which we’ll most likely visit each day, we find ourselves taking side roads after leaving the club, only to find one amazing slice of beauty after another.

And beyond, is the sea, the beach, and more mountains.

Today’s photos are from one of those unplanned explorations that we share with enthusiasm. We can hardly wait to go out again on our next foray into the wonders of the garden island, aptly named for it’s garden-like natural beauty.

The magic of mountains, greenery, and water always creates a magnificent sight.

Much to our delight, a new couple moved in next door to us on Tuesday night in the adjoining condo owned by our owner, Jim. Exhausted after a day-long trip from South Carolina they were anxious to get to bed. They are also impressed with the property and its views. The roosters…well, they easily could do without the crowing.

These smaller bodies of water are a paradise for the birds on the island.

Last night, Jessica & Ed joined us at our place for a happy hour for a delightful start to the evening. Finally, we split up to make our respective dinners knowing full well we’d all be getting together again soon during their remaining eight days on the island.

Lovely home with views of the valley from their backyard.

How fortunate we’ve been meeting couples here in Kauai. The laid back atmosphere and feeling of less “hustle and bustle” seems to contribute to the ease with which friends are made.

Fences to keep chickens out most likely weren’t successful.

We couldn’t be more content after one week in Kauai. How did we get so lucky to find this fabulous newly renovated condo in this perfect location? Perhaps, once again it’s “safari luck.” Although on safari in Kauai one might only see chickens!

Mr. and Mrs. Poultry hanging out.

Happy day to all of our reader friends!

                                           Photo from one year ago today, January 22, 2014:

It wasn’t only possible to see wild animals in Marloth Park. When we stayed at the Blyde River Canyon Lodge, approximately 150 miles from Marloth Park, here too, the wild animals gathered on the grounds as a normal course of their day. It’s what South Africa is all about! For more details about that date, please click here.

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